Paris Buns

Very fine and delicious Rub together dry five and one-half pounds of cake flour, two ounces of cream of tartar, one fourth pound of butter, three-fourths pound of lard. Then make a bay in center and put in two and one-half pounds of sugar and one and one-half pints dissolved Egg Nutrine; then add one and one-fourth quarts milk and one ounce of soda, flavor with vanilla, and mix with other ingredients light; then add one pound of currants and drop like drop cakes on pan. Wash with egg and dust on top with powdered sugar. Bake hot.

Jelly Roll

Two pounds sugar, three-fourths pint of Egg Nutrine, one-half pint of eggs, two-thirds ounce of soda. Beat all a few minutes with your hands, in a bowl; then add one pint of milk, lemon; and last three pounds of cake flour with one and one third ounces of cream of tartar. Spread on level cooking tins, well greased, no paper on them. Bake hot.

Doughnuts and Crullers

Two and three-fourths pounds of sugar, one-half pound of butter, three-fourths of a pint of Egg Nutrine, little salt, mace, mix together Then add two and one-fourth quarts of milk, and eight and one-half pounds of cake flour, sifted, with four ounces of baking powder.


In all cookies Egg Nutrine will do the work of the eggs, use in same quantity as you would eggs, satisfactory But,, u^ing your own recipe, use half Egg Nutrine and half egg^ for first few batches.

Lemon Pie Filling

Boil together two quarts of water, one and one-fourth pounds of sugar. Dissolve four ounces of corn starch in little water, and three-fourths of a pint of Egg Nutrine (one and one-half ounces), four lemon juice, two lemon rinds, and stir all in boiling syrup until it thickens. Pinch salt may be added.

Bakers' Marshmallow Filling

Made From Marshmallow Iciline

Dissolve one pound of Marshmallow Iciline (Bakers) in one gallon of lukewarm water (not scalding). See that it is thoroughly dissolved. Put this in beater with sixteen pounds of XXXX sugar and from four to six pounds of glucose; then mix all together with the hand; then beat for twenty or thirty minutes according to the speed of beater until light. Will never get tough or gummy.