Gluten flour is a product made from white wheat flour, and its value for bread to serve in the case of persons suffering from diabetes, depends whether or not it is free from starch.

A good gluten flour sometimes can be obtained from starch factories, where the remaining gluten is dried and then powdered.

A good way to obtain a reliable gluten bread is by the following process:

Take white wheat flour, make into a stiff dough, using only water. Allow this dough to rest, submerged in water for about one hour. Next place the dough into a muslin bag, and wash under a stream of water until the washings are no longer milky and the water runs off clear.

Allow this gluten to lay in water over night, which softens the gluten, and makes it possible to add in the morning the necessary salt, a little bran or ground almonds, and a moderate quantity of egg. Add a small proportion of Compressed Yeast, allow the dough to ferment until light, then pan, and when double original size, bake in brisk oven.