25 quarts water.

20 lbs. rye flour.

20 lbs. yellow cornmeal.

20 lbs. graham flour.

1/2 lb. Fleischmann's Yeast.

1 lb. salt.

1 lb. sugar.

1 lb. lard.

6 lbs. molasses (1/2 Porto Rico and 1/2 New Orleans).

1 lb. baking soda.

Mix the two flours with the cornmeal, and set sponge to be 84 F., directly after mixing. Use the 1/2 pound of yeast and 12 quarts of water for sponge, adding sufficient of the mixed flour to set a soft sponge. Allow to ferment for 1 1/2 hours.

Next add sugar, salt and molasses dissolved prior in the remaining 12 1/2 quarts water, next add the lard. Mix the baking soda well with the remaining flour, and after the sponge is thoroughly broken down with the liquid, add the flour, and proceed to mix until smooth.

Grease brown bread moulds well, then fill half full, and steam for 5 hours. Allow to cool and pack in waxed paper.