How To Bake Concord Bread

2 quarts milk.

4 ounces lard.

1/2 ounce salt.

2 ounces Fleischmann's Yeast.

1 ounce sugar.

Dissolve the yeast and the sugar in the milk; add sufficient flour to make medium stiff sponge, which should be ready in about 2 hours, or when it has risen and begins to drop back.

Add the rest of the ingredients and flour to make medium stiff dough. Let rise again 45 minutes, place in pans, give full proof, and bake in medium hot oven.

How To Bake Pulled Bread

To be made with either "Concord" or "Vienna" bread dough.

Break off into 3 ounce pieces, roll into balls, and let rise 15 minutes. Roll these parts on a well-greased bench into straight, even lengths. Press six of these strands together at one end, and weave them into a braid to form one loaf.

Set these loaves two inches apart in a baking sheet, with high rims, greasing between loaves; let rise until light, then bake same as bread.

When baked, allow to cool. It is then ready to be pulled apart. It will come apart in long, slender strips of which it was composed before it was baked; put these strips on a baking pan, and set in a hot oven for 15 minutes, when they should be quite crisp and well-colored.

They are nice served with morning coffee.