Ingredients used:

4 oz. Fleischmann's Yeast.

5 lbs. rye dough.

2 lbs. seedless raisins.

2 lbs. currants.

1 lb. finely chopped citron.

1/2 lb. chopped orange peel.

Gratings from 6 citrons.

1/2 lb. chopped almonds.

1/2 lb. dates.

1/2 pint brandy.

1 lb. prunes.

4 lbs. dried pears.

2 oz. cinnamon.

1/2 oz. ground cloves.

A pinch of allspice.

Mix the fruit and saturate with the brandy, not including the prunes and dried pears.

Boil the prunes and dried pears with sufficient water until tender. Strain off the liquid which should be 1 quart. Then add 1 ounce of salt to the liquid and allow to cool.

When blood-warm add the four ounces of Compressed Yeast and dissolve the latter. Lift this on the rye dough and mix well. Mix the spices with the white flour to be added for doughing. Then make medium soft dough, adding the fruit and flour at the same time.

(Use 2 1/2 to 3 lbs. of white flour, according to strength).

Allow dough to rest for half hour, then scale off in 2 lb. loaves, form in round or oval shape, as desired, and place on baking sheets that have been previously dusted with flour.

Let rise until one-third above original size and bake in medium hot oven. This bread, if made properly, will improve with age and can be kept for months.

To store this bread, wrap in cloths and place in boxes or jars.

N. B. - Only the juice of prunes and dried pears is used; the pulp is excluded.

If no rye dough is on hand make a straight dough, using:

2 lbs. rye flour.

1 lb. white flour.

1/2 ounce salt.

1 quart water.

1 ounce Fleischmann's Compressed Yeast.

This dough will be ready in four hours, and in the meantime prepare the other ingredients to be used.