Ingredients used:

20 quarts of water.

5 pounds of sugar.

1 pound milk powder (or 1 1/2 pounds condensed milk).

10 ounces malt extract.

12 1/2 ounces salt.

5 pounds lard.

1 pound Fleischmann's Yeast.

Directions :

Dissolve the Yeast in 12 quarts of water and with this set a sponge of medium stiffness, at a temperature of 80 F. Allow this sponge to come to second drop.

Time about three hours.

Dissolve the sugar and salt in the remaining 8 quarts of water, add to the sponge. Likewise the lard, milk and malt extract, and proceed to break sponge down fine. Next add sufficient flour to make a stiff dough. Allow to rise until full proof, cut dough over and lay dry, by dusting lightly with flour before knocking down. Then allow to rest 45 minutes more. When ready, mould into round balls, setting them in dusted proof boxes. Allow to rest for 20 minutes more; then, with a 3/4-inch rolling-pin, press down in the middle; set on baking sheets previously greased, allowing about three inches in width and four inches in length for each roll. Allow to rise until double in size, then brush over lightly with a solution of egg water, and bake in brisk heat and a steam-tight oven. These rolls can also be baked on the oven bottom, and in this case proceed as described for German rolls.

How To Bake Plain Rolls - Straight Dough

This is the simpler, safer and easier way of making good rolls.

Dissolve the Yeast and salt separately in part of the water, add the salt solution to the bulk of the water, then add sugar, malt and milk, and next the flour. Start to mix, and after machine is in operation add the Yeast. Continue to mix for several minutes then add the lard.

The respective time for this dough to acquire its necessary proof is as follows:

First rise....................3 1/2 hours.

Second rise..................1 hour.

Third rise................... 3/4 hour.

To bench.................... 1/4 hour.

Total time...............5 1/2 hours.

Otherwise follow same instructions as for recipe for "Plain Rolls, Sponge Method."