196 lbs. flour "Rye Blend."

60 quarts water.

1 lb. Fleischmann's Yeast. 3 3/4 lbs. salt.

Set sponge with 12 ounces Fleischmann's Yeast, 15 quarts water and 40 pounds flour. Allow to rest 3 hours, at which time it should have about 2 inches drop.

Then add 30 quarts water, together with the remaining 4 ounces yeast; break sponge down fine, and add 80 pounds more flour. Allow to rest and rise until it breaks in the middle, or, in other words, until it commences to recede, which will require 2 hours. Now lift on the remaining 15 quarts of water, in which previously dissolve the salt, and with it break down sponge very fine. Next add the remaining 76 lbs. flour, and mix dough thoroughly.

Allow this dough to rest no longer than 1/2 hour, when it must be made up quickly. It will require proof for oven very rapidly. Where larger batches are required, it is better to mix this kind in halves. If this dough lays too long before going to the oven, it will burst the loaves in the oven.

Time for scaling until this bread is ready for the oven, approximately 45 minutes.

After forming the dough into loaves, proceed the same as described under recipes for Rye Bread, under caption, "Sponge Method."

Both sponges and dough should have a temperature of

78 to 82 F., directly after mixing, which temperature should be regulated according to the season of the year and shop conditions.