Ingredients used:

1 pt. water.

12 eggs.

3 lbs. sugar.

4 oz. Fleischmann's Yeast.

1-3 oz. salt.


Dissolve the yeast and 1 1/2 lbs. of the sugar in the water; then add the eggs; beat the whole until thoroughly mixed; then add sufficient flour to make a soft sponge. Allow this sponge to rise for three hours. The average temperature should be 80 degrees F.


Add the remaining 1 1/2 lbs. sugar, together with the salt (and 6 oz. of melted butter must be dissolved previously in as little water as possible.) Mix this well with sponge; then make a dough of the same stiffness as for rolls.

Allow to rest for 45 minutes; then break off into 3-oz. pieces, roll into round balls and allow to rest for 20 minutes. Then proceed the same as for crescent rolls, only roll them on a well-greased bench, instead of in flour, as done for crescent rolls. When the rolls are made lay them in snail form on well-greased pans. Allow to rest for 12 hours; then bake in brisk oven.

The dough for these rolls can be made the day previous to baking, so that if the rolls are placed on pans at 5 P. M. one day, they are ready to be baked off at 5 A. M. the following day. When cool sprinkle them with XXXX sugar.