Ingredients used: 15 oz. flour.

2 oz. Fleischmann's Yeast.

1/2 pint milk.

3 oz. butter.

3 oz. sugar.

4 eggs.

1/2 gill brandy.

1 teaspoonful anis.

The grating of 1 lemon.

2 oz. chopped orange peel.

1 pinch of salt.

Set sponge with milk and yeast with sufficient flour; allow to rest until it breaks (time about 45 minutes). Cream the sugar and butter together, adding the eggs one by one; then add the brandy and add this mixture to the sponge; mix smooth. Then add the remaining flour together with the fruit. Mould and allow to rest until double original size; then make up into breads, the same as home-made bread; place on greased baking sheets and allow to rise until double original size; then brush over with egg water and bake in medium-hot oven. They can also be baked in single-loaf baking tins.