A Spring patent of medium strength or a blend resembling the same, is best adapted to this class of bread, as in too strong a flour, with too much fermentation, also part of the ingredients added would be consumed.

This bread is made with both the sponge and straight dough system. For loaf bread a young sponge is required, and the straight dough handled equally young. For milk rolls, which require a larger expansion, especially rolls baked on the oven sole, like "German Coffee Rolls," a stronger fermentation must be made. A sponge for the latter should have the second rise, and taken before it recedes the second time. For young sponges, milk can be used to advantage in the sponge, while for milk rolls, unless all milk is used, it is best to use it in the dough. The reason for this is that less sugar can be employed and the same rich color given to the rolls. What the color has to do with the flavor of small bread, every baker knows. It is always safer to scald the milk before use, and then allow it to cool off.