How To Bake Turn-Over Rolls

Take plain roll dough, but instead of pressing the rolling-pin straight down, give it a half turn. Grease the inside of one part of roll with melted lard, and lap over the other, pressing the two parts lightly together; then place on slightly greased baking sheets a little apart, and allow to prove until double original size. Then bake in brisk, steam-tight oven. Brush over with water as removed from the oven.

How To Bake Vienna Rolls

Take plain roll dough and mould into small round balls, lay them in slightly dusted proof boxes, and allow to rest for 15 minutes. Then roll them out into ovals about twice the length of their thickness. Place on greased baking sheets, brush over with egg water, and cut half the length of the roll. Allow to rise until double original size, then bake in steam-tight oven.

How To Bake French Rolls

Take plain water-bread dough, mould into round balls and set into dust-proof boxes. Allow to rest for 15 minutes, and then form into finger shapes. Lay them, smooth side down on cloth-covered boards, and allow to rise until double in size. Place them on peel far enough apart so that they will not touch during baking; brush over with a light solution of egg water, then, with a sharp knife, cut the whole length half through the thickness of the roll, and bake them on oven sole. These rolls need a hot oven.

How To Bake Soup Stick

Take plain water-bread dough and roll out the thickness of a lead pencil, and lay on greased baking sheets. Allow to get full proof; then bake in steam-tight oven until very crisp.

How To Bake Crescent Rolls

Take plain roll dough, adding 2 pounds of extra butter to dough. Roll dough into round balls, the same as for rolls, allow to rest for 20 minutes, then, with a rolling-pin, roll into very thin sheets. Brush off all the flour carefully, then roll up very tight, about 6 inches long. The end of the dough must come in the middle of the roll; lay on greased baking sheets and into crescent shapes, taking care to have the end of the dough on top and in the middle of the roll. Brush off with egg water, and give full proof, then bake off in medium hot oven, and, after baking, brush off with water.

How To Bake Salt Or Caraway Seed Rolls

The same as for crescent rolls, but should be baked in straight form.

They can be made either out of plain water roll dough or plain roll dough. If made out of water dough they should be baked on the oven bottom. Before baking, brush over with egg water, sprinkle with salt, caraway seed, or both. Bake until crisp.

How To Bake German Water Rolls

Take plain water-bread dough and proceed the same as described for plain rolls, only instead of placing and baking them on baking sheets, lay on cloth-covered boards or boxes, the split of rolls downward, setting the rolls in a row on the board, having the split lay with the width of the board. Pinch cloth up between rows of rolls, and when the board is filled, cover carefully.

Allow to rise until double in size; then bake on oven sole in steam-tight oven. To get a nice gloss on these rolls, it is necessary to have steam in oven before the rolls are put in.

How To Bake German Double Rolls

Same as German water rolls, but set two rolls very close together when placing on board, the split forming one straight line; then proceed the same as for German water rolls.