The dream of a few years ago - to eliminate the element of "good or bad luck" in the baking business - is realized, and it is, without doubt, not saying too much, that the manufacture of a compressed yeast, whose uniformity could be depended upon every day, both summer and winter, and the quality of which was maintained at the very highest possible standard, has done more toward accomplishing that result than any other factor.

Some attribute this success to the change of system in milling, some to the appliance of machinery; but, giving all due credit, the intelligent know that yeast is the mother of fermentation, the father of bread, which is the most desired article of food, so that it even found its way into our daily prayers.

It is a fact that the last 25 years have seen more advance in the baking business than the 75 previous years, and since Fleischmann's Compressed Yeast has proven to be the most uniform article used by bakers during all this time, I have decided to base my work upon its use.

Some claim that the elimination of yeast as a factor in bread production is bound to come, on account of the time wasted in fermentation, but everything known in this direction has proven that, compared with bread made with compressed yeast, such food has no room for comparison, and has been found to be a fake of the rankest kind in many instances.

The only success made in this direction is to shorten working hours and manufacture of bread by the use of more compressed yeast, but not by the elimination of same.