This can be made of cheap lumber, and of a size that the lumber at hand will cut without waste; seven feet in length by three feet in width, and four feet high, may answer in most circumstances. A lid, A, is provided occupying nearly one-half of the top, as shown in fig. 1, and also a side door B, used for removing the ashes. Two strips of board are fastened within and lengthwise of the box, upon which the sifter or sieve rests as it is shaken, as shown in vertical view, upper figure. The sieve, which is an ordinary one, costing perhaps twenty-live cents at the store, has a long handle fastened to it; with this the ash box and sifting apparatus is complete. The advantages claimed for this ash box are: The ashes can be sifted without making any dust, as when the lid is closed the whole is con-lined within the box. The ashes and sieve are kept from exposure to storms, and the hitler is always in place and ready for use. It dispenses with a disagreeable looking heap of ashes often found on exhibition the year round, and lastly it is cheaply and easily made. As the structure is of wood, care should he taken that there be no live coals among the ashes when they go to the ash box. A coat of paint will add to the appearance of this useful and economical article.

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