Almond Macaroons

Pour boiling water on half a pound almonds, take skins off and throw into cold water for a few moments, then take out and pound (adding a table-spoon essence lemon) to a smooth paste, add one pound of pulverized sugar and whites of three eggs, and work the paste well together with back of spoon; dip the hands in water and roll mixture into balls the size of a nutmeg, and lay on buttered paper an inch apart; when done, dip the hands in water and pass gently over the macaroons, making the surface smooth and shining; set in a cool oven three-quarters of an hour. If this recipe is strictly followed, the macaroons will be found equal to any made by professional confectioners. - Mrs. L. S. W.


Three pounds "coffee A" sugar, fourth pound butter, half teaspoon cream tartar, eight drops extract of lemon; add as much cold water as will dissolve the sugar; boil without stirring till it will easily break when dropped in cold water, and when done, add the lemon; have a dripping-pan well buttered and pour in one-fourth inch thick, and when partly cold, mark off in squares. If pulled, when partly cold, till very white, it will be like ice-cream candy. - Mrs. J. S. R.

Centennial Drops

White of one egg beaten to a stiff froth, quarter pound pulverized sugar, half tea-spoon baking-powder; flavor with lemon; butter tins and drop with tea-spoon about three inches apart; bake in a slow oven and serve with ice-cream. This is also a very nice recipe for icing. - Miss Alice Trimble, Mi. Gilead.

Chocolate Caramels

One cup of chocolate shaved fine, one cup molasses, half cup milk, one cup sugar; when nearly done add a piece of butter size of a walnut. Stir until perfectly dissolved, but not after it begins to boil, as that will make it grain. It is done when it hardens and becomes brittle when dropped in cold water, but do not make too hard. Grease plates with butter, pour it on about half an inch thick, when nearly cool cut with a greased knife into small squares.

Chocolate Caramels

One and a half cups grated chocolate, four of brown sugar, one and a half of cold water, piece of butter size of an egg, table-spoon of very sharp vinegar; flavor with two table-spoons vanilla just before removing from fire. Do not stir, but shake the vessel gently while cooking. Boil on the top of stove over a brisk lire until it becomes brittle when tried in water; pour into a well buttered and floured dripping-pan, and check off in squares while soft. - Miss Emma Collins,

Chocolate Drops

Two and a half cups pulverized or granulated sugar (or maple sugar may be used), one-half cup cold water; boil four minutes, place the sauce-pan in cold water, and beat till cold enough to make into little balls; take half a cake of Baker's chocolate, shave off fine and set it in a bowl set in top of boiling tea-kettle to melt, and when balls are cool enough, roll in the chocolate with a fork. This makes eighty. Or while making into balls, mold an almond-meat into the center of each ball, roll in coarse sugar, and you have delicious "cream almonds." Or, mold the unbroken halves of walnut-meats into the soft sugar, and when cold, roll in the chocolate. When finished, take out and lay on buttered paper until cold. - Mrs. 0. M. Scott.