Aniline Green On Silk

- Iodine green, or night green, dissolves easily in warm water. For a liquid dye, one pound may be dissolved in one gallon alcohol, and mixed with two gallons water containing one ounce sulphuric acid. ,

How To Dye Aniline Scarlet

For every ten pounds of goods dissolve half a pound white vitriol (sulphate of zinc), at 180° Fah.; place the goods into this bath for ten minutes; then add the color, prepared by boiling for a few minutes, quarter of a pound aniline scarlet in three-quarters of a gallon water, stirring the same continually. This solution has to be filtered before being added to the bath. The goods remain in the latter for fifteen minutes, when they have become browned, and must be boiled for another half hour in the same bath after the addition of sal-ammoniac. The more of this is added the deeper will be the shade.

Bismarck Brown For Dyeing

- Mix together one pound Bismarck, five gallons water, and three-quarters of a pound sulphuric acid. This paste dissolves easily in hot water, and may be used directly for dyeing. A liquid dye may be prepared by making the bulk of the above mixture to two gallons, with alcohol. To dye with the above mixture, sour with sulphuric acid; add a quantity of sulphate of soda, immerse the wool, and add the color by small portions, keeping the temperature under 212° Fah. Very interesting shades may be developed by combining the color with indigo paste or picric acid.

How To Dye Wool With Aniline Green

For wool, prepare two baths - one containing the dissolved dye and a quantity of carbonate of soda or borax. In this the wool is placed, and the temperature is raised to 212° Fah. A grayish green is produced, which must be brightened and fixed in a second bath of water 100° Fah., to which some acetic add has been added. Cotton requires preparation by sumac.

Aniline Blue

- To ten pounds of fabric, dissolve two ounces aniline blue in three-tenths of a quart hot alcohol; strain through a filter, and add it to a bath of 130° Fah.; also one pound glauber salts, and half a pound acetic acid: enter the goods, and handle them well for twenty minutes; next heat it slowly to 200° Fah.; then add half a pound sulphuric acid diluted with water; let the whole boil twenty minutes longer; then rinse and dry. If the aniline be added in two or three proportions during the process of coloring, it will facilitate the evenness of the color.

Aniline Red

Inclose the aniline in a small muslin bag; have a kettle (tin or brass) filled with moderately hot water, and rub the substance out; then immerse the goods to be colored, and in a short time they are done. It improves the color to wring the goods out of strong soap-suds before putting them in the dye. This is a permanent color on wool or silk.

Aniline Violet And Purple

- Acidulate the bath by sulphuric acid, or use sulphate of soda - both these substances render the shade bluish. Dye at 212° Fah. To give a fair middle shade to ten pounds of wool, a quantity of solution equal to one-half to three-quarters of an ounce of the solid dye will be required. The color of the dyed fabric is improved by washing in soap and water, and then passing through a bath soured by sulphuric acid.