When stock is drawn off, season with celery salt. A little vermicelli boiled in it for fifteen minutes will give it more body - or some of the fancy letters, stars, triangles, etc., that are made particularly for soups can be used, or egg-balls can be made by mixing raw egg with just enough wheat flour or corn starch to make it into round balls, then drop them into the soup and boil for ten minutes, A little milk, a tea-spoon to one egg, is an improvement; also a sprinkle of salt. These balls are sometimes called "noodles." If a richer soup is needed, take slices of raw veal and a little salt pork, and chop very fine with a slice of wheat bread. Season highly with pepper, salt, tomato catsup, and chopped lemon peel, moisten with two well-beaten eggs, and roll into balls as large as a walnut, with floured hands. Fry the balls in butter to a dark brown, and let them cool; turn into the soup and boil about ten minutes. Cut a lemon into very thin bits, slice two hard-boiled eggs, put them into the tureen; add a glass of claret or port wine to them and turn in soup; it is a very "dainty dish."