Apple Holey Poley

Peel, quarter and core sour apples, make rich soda-biscuit dough, {or raised-biscuit dough may be used if rolled thinner), roll to half an inch thick, slice the quarters, and lay on the prepared paste or crust, roll up, tuck ends in, prick deeply with a fork, lay in a steamer and place over a kettle of boiling water, cook an hour and three-quarters. Or, wrap in a cloth, tie up the ends and baste up sides, put in kettle of boiling water, and boil an hour and a half or more, keeping the water boiling constantly. Cut across, and eat with sweetened cream or butter and sugar. Cherries, dried fruit, any kind of berries, jelly, or apple-butter (with the two last raisins may be added), can be used. - Mrs. T. B. J.

Orange Roley Poley

Make a light pastry as for apple dumplings, roll in oblong sheets and lay oranges peeled, sliced, and seeded, thickly all over it; sprinkle with white sugar; scatter over all a tea-spoon or two of grated orange-peel, and roll up, folding down the edges closely to keep the syrup from running out; boil in a cloth one and one-half hours. Eat with lemon-sauce prepared as follows: Six eggs, leaving out the whites of two, half pound butter, one pound sugar, juice of two lemons and rind of both grated; place over a slow fire, stir till it thickens like honey. Very nice. - Mrs. A. E. Walsh, Nashville, Tenn.

Rolled Apple Dumplings

Peel and chop fine tart apples, make a crust of one cup rich but-termilk, one tea-spoon soda, and flour enough to roll; roll half an inch thick, spread with the apple, sprinkle well with sugar and cinnamon, cut in strips two inches wide, roll up like jelly-cake, set up the rolls in a dripping-pan, putting a tea-spoon butter on each, put in a moderate oven, and baste them often with the juice.

Bird's-nest Pudding

Pare and core without quartering enough quick-cooking tart apples to fill a pudding-pan; make a custard of one quart milk and the yolks of six eggs; sweeten, spice, pour over apples, and bake; when done, use the whites of eggs beaten stiff with six table-spoons white sugar; spread on the custard, brown lightly, and serve either hot or cold. If necessary, apples may be baked a short time before adding custard.

Brown Betty

Put a layer of sweetened apple sauce in a buttered dish, add a few lumps butter, then a layer of cracker crumbs sprinkled with a little cinnamon, then layer of sauce, etc., making the last layer of crumbs; bake in oven, and eat hot with cold, sweetened cream. - ' Mrs. T. J. Buxton,

Rice Apples

Boil half a pound rice in a custard-kettle till tender in one quart milk, sweetened with half tea-cup sugar; pare and core with apple-corer seven or eight good-cooking apples, place in slightly buttered baking-dish, put a tea-spoon of jam or jelly into each cavity, and fill with rich cream; put the rice in around apples, leaving top uncovered; bake thirty minutes, then cover with the whites of two eggs, sift on sugar, and return to the oven for ten minutes. Serve with sweetened cream. - Mrs. S. M. Guy, Mechanicsburg.