A rubber bag, holding two quarts, to be one-half or three-quarters filled with hot water, and placed about the patient where needed - under head in neuralgia, around the side in liver-congestion, etc.; or can be filled with very cold water in cases needing such applications - is verv flexible and agreeable, and can be used where a soap-stone or bottle would hurt. Price, $2.00.

A pair of very long, loose stockings, knit of Saxony wool, or any soft yarn, without heels, to draw on towards morning in fever cases, or to keep patient warm when she is up; they might come half way between the knee and thigh. Every housekeeper should have a pair to be used in cases of sickness.

Oat-meal Crackers - Wet one pint fine oat-meal with one gill water; work it a few minutes with.a spoon, until you can make it up into a mass; place on a board well covered with dry oat-meal; make as compact as you can, and roll out carefully to one-sixth of an inch thick, and cut into squares with a knife. Bake in a very slow oven, or merely scald at first; and then let them stand in the oven until they dry out. These are difficult to make up at first, but you soon learn to handle the dough and to watch oven so that they will not scorch. These are excellent for all the purposes of crackers, and if kept dry, or if packed in oat-meal, they will last good for months. This is one form of the Scotch " bannock." A rich addition is two heaping spoonsful of ground dessicated cocoanut.