The large Spanish or Bermuda onions are best for this purpose. Wash the outside clean, put into a sauce-pan with slightly salted water, and boil an hour, replenishing the water with more (boiling hot) as it boils away. Then turn off water; take out onions and lay upon a cloth that all moisture may be absorbed; roll each in a piece of buttered tissue-paper, twisting it at the top to keep it closed, and bake in a slow oven nearly an hour, or until tender all through. Peel, put in a deep dish, and brown slightly, basting freely with butter; this will take fifteen minutes more. Season with pepper and salt, and pour melted butter over the top.

Boiled or Fried Onions. Wash and peel, boil ten minutes, pour off this water, again add boiling water, boil a few minutes and drain a second time; pour on boiling water, add salt and boil for one hour; place in a colander, turn a saucer over them, and press firmly to drive off all the water; place in a dish and add butter and pepper. Or, about half an hour before they are done, turn a pint of milk into the water in which they are boiling, and, when tender, season as above. Old onions require two hours to boil. To fry onions, slice and boil ten minutes each time in three waters, drain, fry in butter or beef drippings, stir often, season, and serve hot.