Beat the whites of four small eggs to a high, firm froth, stir into it half a pound pulverized sugar, flavor with essence lemon or rose, continue to beat until very light; then drop half the size of an egg, and a little more than an inch apart, on well-buttered letter-paper; lay the paper on a half-inch board and place in a moderate oven; watch, and as soon as they begin to look yellowish take them out; or, beat to a stiff froth the whites of two eggs, stirring into them very gradually two tea-cups powdered sugar and two table-spoons corn starch; bake on buttered tins fifteen minutes in a warm oven, or until slightly brown. Chocolate puffs are made by adding two ounces grated chocolate mixed with the corn starch. - Mrs. W. W. W.

Candy of any Flavor. Three and a half pounds refined sugar, one and a half pints water, one tea-spoon cream tartar; mix in a vessel large enough to hold the candy when expanded by the heat; boil over a brisk fire, taking care that it does not burn. The heat should be applied at bottom and not at the sides. After boiling fifteen minutes, remove a small portion of the melted sugar with a spoon, and cool by placing in a saucer set in cold water. When cool enough, take a portion between thumb and finger, and if it forms a "string" or "thread" as they are separated, the process is nearly done, and great care must be used to control the heat so that the boiling may be kept up without burning. Test frequently by dropping a bit into cold water placed near; if it becomes hard and brittle, snapping apart when bent, it is done and must be removed at once, and the flavoring stirred in. Then pour into shallow earthen dishes, thoroughly but lightly greased, and cooled until it can be handled; pull, roll into sticks or make into any desired shape.