Bean Pickles

Pick green beans of the best variety, when young and tender, string, and place in a kettle to boil, with salt to taste, until they can be pierced with a fork, drain well through a colander, put in a stone jar, sprinkle with cayenne pepper, and cover with strong cider vinegar; sugar may be added if desired.

Chow Chowt Pickles

Let two hundred small cucumbers stand in salt and water closely covered for three days. Boil for fifteen minutes in half a gallon best cider yinegar, one ounce white mustard seed, one of black mustard seed, one of juniper berries, one of celery seed (tying each ounce separately in swiss bags), one handful small green peppers, two pounds sugar, a few small onions, and a piece alum half the size of a nutmeg; pour the vinegar while hot over the cucumbers, let stand a day, repeating the operation three or four mornings. Mix one-fourth pound mustard with the vinegar, pour over cucumbers, and seal up in bottles. - Mrs. Ada Estelle Bever.

Chow Chow

One peck of green tomatoes, half peck string beans, quarter peck small white onions, quarter pint green and red peppers mixed, two large heads cabbage, four table-spoons white mustard seed, two of white or black cloves, two of celery seed, two of allspice, one small box yellow mustard, pound brown sugar, one ounce of turmeric; slice the tomatoes and let stand over night in brine that will bear an egg; then squeeze out brine, chop cabbage, onions and beans, chop 17 tomatoes separately, mix with the spices, put all in porcelain kettle cover with vinegar, and boil three hours.

Cauliflower Tickles

Choose such as are fine and of full size, cut away all the leaves, and pull away the flowers by bunches; soak it brine that will float an egg for two days, drain, put in bottles with whole black pepper, allspice, and stick cinnamon; boil vinegar, and with it mix mustard smoothly, a little at a time and just thick enough to run into the jars, pour over the cold cauliflowfer and seal while hot. An equal quantity or less of small white onions, prepared as directed in recipe for onion pickles, may be added before the vinegar is poured over.

Celery Pickles

Put together in a porcelain-lined kettle two quarts chopped white cabbage, two quarts chopped celery, three quarts vinegar, half ounce-each of crushed white ginger root and turmeric, fourth pound white mustard seed, two table-spoons salt, five of sugar; cook slowly several hours until cabbage and celery are tender.

Peach Mangoes

Take unpared, fine, large peaches (free-stones); with a knife extract the stone .from the side, place in jar, pour over them boiling water salted to taste, let stand twenty-four hours; drop into fresh cold water and allow to remain ten or fifteen minutes; wipe very dry, fill each cavity with grated horse-radish and white mustard-seed (prepared as directed in recipe for " Chopped Pickles), a small piece of ginger-root, and one or two cloves; sew up, and place in a stone jar as close together as possible. Make a syrup in proportion of one pint sugar to three pints vinegar; pour, boiling hot, over them. They will be ready for use in a week, and are very fine.