Bean Soup

Boil a small soup-bone in about two quarts water until the meat can be separated from the bone, remove bone, add a coffee-cup white beans soaked for two hours, boil for an hour and a half, add three potatoes, half a turnip and a parsnip, all sliced fine, boil half an hour longer, and just before serving sprinkle in a few dry bread" crumbs; season with salt and pepper, and serve with raw onions sliced very fine for those who like them. - Mrs. A. B. Morey.

Turtle Bean Soup

Soak one pint black beans over night, then put them into three quarts water with beef bones or a small piece of lean salt pork, boil three or four hours, strain, season with salt, pepper, cloves and lemon juice. Put in a few slices of lemon, and if wished add slices of hard-boiled eggs. Serve with toasted bread cut into dice and placed in the tureen. - Mrs. H. G. Clark,

Meatless Bean Soup

Parboil one pint beans, drain off the water, add fresh, let boil' until perfectly tender, season with pepper and salt, add a piece of butter the size of a walnut, or more if preferred; when done skim out half the beans, "leaving the broth with the remaining half in the kettle, now add a tea-cup sweet cream or good milk, a dozen of more crackers broken up; let it boil up, and serve.

Carrot Soup

Put in soup-kettle a knuckle of veal, three or four quarts cold water, a quart finely-sliced carrots, one head celery; boil two and a half hours, add a handful rice, and boil an hour longer; season with pepper (or a bit of red pepper pod) and salt, and serve.

Green Corn Soup

One large fowl, or four pounds veal (the knuckle or neck will do), put over fire in one gallon cold water without salt, cover tightly and simmer slowly till meat slips from the bones, not allowing it to boil to rags, as the meat will make a nice dish for breakfast or lunch, or even for dinner. Set aside with the meat a cup of the liquor; strain the soup to remove all bones and rags of meat; grate -one dozen ears of green corn, scraping cobs to remove the heart of the kernel, add corn to soup, with salt, pepper, and a little parsley, and simmer slowly half an hour. Just before serving add a tablespoon flour beaten very thoroughly with a table-spoon butter. Serve hot. To serve chicken or veal, put broth (which was reserved) in a clean sauce-pan, beat one egg, a table-spoon butter and a teaspoon flour together very thoroughly, and add to the broth with salt, pepper, and a little chopped parsley. Arrange meat on dish, pour over dressing, boiling hot, and serve at once.