Beet Greens

Wash young beets very clean, cut off tips of leaves, looking over carefully to see that no bugs or worms remain, but do not separate roots from leaves; fill dinner-pot half full of salted boiling water, add beets, boil from half to three-quarters of an hour; take out and drain in colander, pressing down with a large spoon, so as to get out all the water. Dish and dress with butter, pepper, and salt if needed. Serve hot with vinegar.

Butter Beans

With a knife cut off the ends of pods and strings from both sides, being very careful to remove every shred; cut every bean length wise, in two or three strips, and leave them for half an hour in cold water. Much more than cover them with boiling water; boil till perfectly tender. It is well to allow three hours for boiling. Drain well, return to kettle, and add a dressing of half a gill cream, one and a half ounces butter, one even tea-spoon salt, and half a tea-spoon pepper. This is sufficient for a quart of cooked beans.

Dry Lima Beans

Wash one quart of dry lima beans in two warm waters, soak three hours, drain, and put on to cook in euough boiling water to cover them; cover pot with tin lid, adding more hot water as it boils away, boiling rapidly lor one and a half hours, when there should be only water enough to come up to top of the beans - just sufficient to make a nice dressing. Five minutes before taking up, season with salt and pepper, and stir in a dressing made of one tablespoon each of flour and butter, rubbed together until smooth. This is a delicious dish.

String Beans

String, snap and wash two quarts beans, boil in plenty of water about fifteen minutes, drain off and put on again in about two quarts boiling water; boil an hour and a half, and add salt and pepper just before taking up, stirring in one and a half table-spoons butter rubbed into two table-spoons flour and half pint sweet cream. Or, boil a piece of salted pork one hour, then add beans and boil an hour and a half. For shelled beans boil half an hour in water enough to cover, and dress as above.

Stewed Carrots

Take any quantity desired, divide the carrots lengthwise, and boil until perfectly tender, which will require from one to two hours. When done, have ready a sauce-pan with one or two table-spoons butter, and small cup cream; slice the carrots very thin, and put in the sauce-pan; add salt and pepper, and let stew ten or fifteen minutes, stirring gently once or twice, and serve in a vegetable dish. Some add more milk or cream; when done, skim out carrots, and to the cream add a little flour thickening, or the beaten yolks of one or two eggs. When it boils, pour over the carrots and serve. Carrots may also be boiled with meat like turnips or parsnips, but they take longer to cook than either. - Mrs. C. T. C.