Berlin Pancakes

Roll out dough slightly sweetened and shortened, as if for very plain doughnuts; cut in circles like biscuit, put a tea-spoon currant jam or jelly on the center of one, lay another upon it, press the edges tightly together with the fingers, and fry quickly in boiling fat. They will be perfect globes when done, a little smaller than an orange. - Mrs. L. S. Williston, Heidelberg, Germany.


A quart flour, a cup sugar, two table-spoons melted butter, a little salt, two tea-spoons baking powder, one egg, and sweet milk sufficient to make rather stiff; roll out in thin sheets, cut in pieces about two by four inches; make as many cuts across the short way as possible, inserting the knife near one edge and ending the cut just before reaching the other. Pass two knitting-needles under every other strip, spread the needles as far apart as possible, and with them hold the trifles in the fat until a light brown. Only one can be fried at a time. - Miss Ettie Dalbey, Harrisburg.

Cookies And Jumbles

These require a quick oven. A nice "finishing touch" can be •given by sprinkling them with granulated sugar and rolling over lightly with the rolling pin, then cutting out and pressing a whole raisin in the center of each; or when done a very light brown, brush over while still hot with a soft bit of rag dipped in a thick syrup of sugar and water, sprinkle with currants and return to the oven a moment.

Ada's Sugar Cakes

Three cups sugar, two of butter, three eggs well beaten, one teaspoon soda, flour sufficient to roll out.


One cup butter, two of sugar, one of cold water, half tea-spoon soda, two eggs and just flour enough to roll. - Mrs. Mary F. Orr.

Eggless Cookies

Two cups sugar, one of milk, one of butter, half tea-spoon nutmeg, half tea-spoon soda, flour to make thick enough to roll.

Good Cookies

Two cups sugar, one of butter, one of sour cream or milk, three eggs, one tea-spoon soda; mix soft, roll thin, sift granulated sugar over them, and gently roll it in. - Mrs. Judge West, Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Lemon Snaps

A large cup sugar, two-thirds cup butter, half tea-spoon soda dissolved in two tea-spoons hot water, flour enough to roll thin; flavor with lemon. - Mrs. E. L. C, Springfield.

Nutmeg Cookies

Two cups white sugar, three-fourths cup butter, two-thirds cup sour milk, nutmeg or caraway seed for flavor, two eggs, half teaspoon soda, and six cups of flour, or enough to roll. Roll thin, and bake in a quick oven.

Pepper-nuts. One pound sugar, five eggs, half pound butter, half tea-cup milk, two tea-spoons baking-powder, flour enough to roll. - Mrs. Emma G. Rea.