1. Sunday. Breakfast - Hot rolls, broiled sirloin steak, Saratoga potatoes. Dinner - Chicken pie with oysters, roast potatoes, salsify, dried Lima beans, lobster salad, currant jelly; orange pudding, fruit cake. Supper - Cold rolls, cold tongue, cake and jelly.

2. Breakfast - Corn pone, stewed tripe, potatoes a la Lyonnaise. Dinner - Whole boiled potatoes and carrots, baked heart, stewed, tomatoes; canned fruit and cake. Supper - Toasted pone, cold heart sliced, plain bread, quince preserves with whipped cream.

3. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, broiled sausage, breakfast hominy. Dinner - Roast mutton, mashed potatoes, baked macaroni, celery, currant jelly; chocolate blanc mange, sponge cake. Supper - Cold mutton sliced, currant jelly, buttered toast, rusk, stewed apples.

4. Breakfast - Graham bread, broiled bacon, fried potatoes. Dinner - Boiled corned beef with horseradish sauce, whole boiled potatoes and turnips, slaw; hot apple pie with whipped cream, oranges and cake. Supper - Toasted Graham bread, cold corned beef sliced, grape jelly, hot buns.

5. Breakfast - Broiled fish, corn batter cakes, potato rissoles. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, tomatoes, canned beans, celery sauce; tapioca float, cake. Supper - Cold roast beef, beat biscuit, floating island, tea cakes.

6. Breakfast - Broiled oysters on toast, tomato sauce, flannel cakes with honey or maple syrup. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish if fresh, or friccasee if canned, mashed potatoes, fried parsnips, cabbage salad a la Mciyonaaise; apple dumplings with sauce. Supper - Dried beef shaved and warmed up in butter, corn mush hot with milk, canned fruit and light cakes.

7. Breakfast - Broiled mutton chops, fried mush, scrambled eggs. Dinner - Beef soup, whole potatoes boiled, ham boiled, cabbage, parsnips. mixed pickles; cottage pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, cold ham shaved, apple croutes, plain rice witli sugar and cream.

8. Sunday. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, ham balls, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Oyster soup, roast duck, potatoes baked, turnips mashed, cranberry sauce, celery; mince-pie, oranges, iced cakes. Supper - Cold Sally Lunn, cold duck, dried apples.

9. Breakfast - Breakfast wheat, croquettes of cold meat or broiled bacon with potatoes. Dinner - Baked potatoes, apple sauce, salmi of duck, pickled oysters, bread and apple pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, Yankee dried beef, canned fruit.

10. Breakfast - Waffles, broiled steak, breakfast potatoes. Dinner - Baked chicken, potatoes, salsify, onion sauce, celery; hot peach pie with cream, chocolate cake, oranges. Supper - Rolls, cold chicken, apple fritters with sugar.

11. Breakfast - Graham gems, fried liver, potatoes. Dinner - Mutton soup, boiled mutton with caper sauce, potatoes, canned peas, mixed pickles; boiled fruit pudding with solid sauce. Supper - Toasted gems, cold mutton sliced, short cake and jam.

12. Breakfast - Hot pates of mutton with rich, brown gravy, plain bread, fried potatoes. Dinner - Chicken fricassee, boiled tongue dressed, potatoes, boiled onions, tomato sauce; pumpkin pie. Supper - Beat biscuit, cold tongue shaved, cream cakes and jelly.

13. Breakfast - Corn muffins, broiled fish, potatoes. Dinner - Boiled turkey with oyster sauce, mashed potatoes and turnips, grape jelly, celery; roly poly of dried fruit with jelly sauce, sponge cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold turkey, currant jelly.

14. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, broiled spare ribs, potato croquettes. Dinner - Escaloped turkey, cranberry sauce, boiled middling with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, pickled beets; apple meringue. Supper - Oatmeal porridge, toasted crackers, bologna sausage, fried apples, cakes.

15. Sunday. Breakfast - Hot rolls, broiled oysters, potatoes. Dinner - Turkey soup, chicken pie with oysters, potatoes, Lima beans, slaw, celery; mince pie, cranberry tarts, oranges, cakes. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced dried beef, custard cakes and jelly.

16. Breakfast - Buttered toast, broiled beef steak, fried potatoes. Dinner - Bean soup, roast beef, currant jelly, potatoes, turnips; pie. Supper - Plain bread, beef steak toast, rice fritters with sugar.

17. Breakfast - Corn cakes, hash, fried potatoes. Dinner - Roast pork with sweet potatoes or parsnips, pudding of canned corn, pickled beets, apple custard pie, jelly cake. Supper - Sardines, coffee cakes or sweet buns, preserved fruit.

18. Breakfast - Hot biscuit, broiled pork, fried potatoes. Dinner - Potato soup, mashed potatoes, salsify, beef steak pudding, celery; chocolate custard, golden cream cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, cold tongue, currant jelly, apple croutes.

19. Breakfast - Graham bread, Katy's cod fish, fried potatoes. Dinner Baked stuffed heart, potatoes, tomatoes, celery; corn starch blanc mange. Supper - Toasted Graham bread, cold heart sliced, dried fruit stewed, tea cakes.

20. Breakfast - Cream toast, fried oysters, plain bread. Dinner - Oyster pie, mashed potatoes, baked squash, tomato sauce, slaw; hot peach pie with whipped cream, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, marmalade, bread and milk.

21. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, broiled sausage, hominy. Dinner - Saturday bean soup, boiled potatoes, ham boiled, cabbage, carrots, celery sauce; pumpkin pie. Supper - Plain bread, shaved ham, lemon fritters with sugar.

22. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans and Boston brown bread, fried apples. Dinner - Oyster soup, roast of mutton, baked potatoes, Lima beans, tomatoes, salsify, cranberry jelly, celery, mayonnaise of salmon; mince pie, ambrosia and fruit cake. Supper - High rolls, mutton, currant jelly, chocolate blanc mange, assorted cakes.

23. Breakfast - Beat biscuit, mutton warmed in batter, or broiled fish, croquettes of cold vegetables. Dinner - Beef a la mode, mashed potatoes and turnips, boiled rice, cottage pudding, cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, dried beef, apple tapioca pudding.

24. Breakfast - Rice cakes, pigs' feet souse, potato cakes. Dinner - Chicken pie, stewed onions, turnips, pickled beets; boiled batter pudding with cream sauce. Supper - Buttered toast, baked apples and whipped cream, tea cakes.

25. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, broiled bacon, boiled eggs. Dinner - Boast turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips, canned peas, cranberry sauce, celery; poor man's pudding, cranberry tarts. Supper - Light biscuit, cold turkey, tea rusk, canned fruit.

26. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled steak, fried potatoes. Dinner - Boiled mutton with soup, mashed potatoes, canned corn, tomatoes, celery, apple sauce; bread pudding with fruit, cocoanut cake. Supper - Cold mutton, toasted rusk, jelly.

27. Breakfast - Hot rolls, turkey hash .and potatoes rissoles. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, meat pie, mashed potatoes, plain rice, salsify; prune pudding with whipped cream, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, fish balls, apple fritters with sugar.

28. Breakfast - Bread puffs, broiled spare ribs or bacon. Dinner - Saturday bean soap, boiled shoulder or ham with cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, pickled beets; lemon pie. Supper - Bread and milk hot, cold ham, jelly and cake.

29. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans and Boston brown bread fried potatoes, omelet. Dinner - Stewed oysters, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, cabbage salad, celery; cranberry tarts, oranges, cakes and nuts. Supper - Muffins, cold chicken, grape jelly, custard cake and fruits.