1. Breakfast - Warm biscuit, hominy croquettes, broiled ham, sliced to matoes. Dinner - Beef's tongue with green peas, potatoes a la Parisien, sliced cucumbers; raspberry float, cake. Supper - Sliced tongue, hot buns, raspberries and cream.

2. Breakfast - Corn bread, fried chicken, tomato omelet, Dinner - Boiled fish with egg sauce, mashed potatoes; squash; cherry dumplings with sauce, lady fingers. Supper - Cold bacon broiled and served on toast, sliced tomatoes, raspberry short-cake.

3. Breakfast - Breakfast puffs, ste,wed kidneys, radishes, young onions. Dinner - Boiled ham with young cabbages, potatoes, cucumbers; bread custard pudding, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced ham, fried tomatoes, rusk with stewed currants.

4. Sunday. Breakfast - Fresh berries with cream and sugar, broiled Spanish mackerel, buttered toast, escalloped omelette souffle, flannel cakes with syrup. Dinner - Pea soup, roast tenderloin of beef, new potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce a la Mayonnaise, cucumber sliced; pineapple pudding, ice-cream, cake. Supper - Small light biscuit, sliced ham. orange tarts, cake and berries.

5. Breakfast - Graham gems, broiled mutton chops, fried potatoes, cottage cheese. Dinner - Ragout of beef, boiled potatoes, young onions, tomatoes; rice pudding, oranges, cake. Supper - Toasted gems, ham salad, stewed berries, sweet buns.

6. Breakfast - Hot muffins, broiled beefsteak, boiled eggs. Dinner - Meat pie, boiled potatoes, boiled cauliflower with sauce; cherry souffle, cake. Sup-pep - Toasted muffins, bologna sausage sliced, raspberries.

7. Breakfast - Batter cake, breakfast bacon, crushed wheat with cream. Dinner - Stuffed fillet of veal garnished with green peas, mashed potatoes, summer squash, beet salad; black berries, cream and cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced veal, short-cake with berries or jam.

8. Breakfast- Cream toast, boiled eggs, broiled ham. Dinner - Rice, soup, boiled corn beef, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber salad; ripe currant pie. cake. Supper - Plain bread, cold corn beef, steamed crackers, stewed fruit.

9. Breakfast - Hash, fried potatoes, stewed tomatoes with toast. Dinner - Fresh fish either baked, boiled or fried, green beans stewed with pork, boiled potatoes, cucumber salad; cherry pie, cake. Supper - Warm biscuit, ham omelet, light cakes and jelly or berries.

10. Breakfast - Waffles, broiled beefsteak, scrambled eggs. Dinner - Roast beef, Texas baked potatoes, beets, cucumbers, dressed lettuce; cup custards, oranges, cake. Supper - Plain bread, oat-meal with cream, sliced banana or pineapple.

11. Sunday. Breakfast - Graham bread, broiled mutton chops, potato cakes. Dinner - Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, dressed lettuce, vanilla ice cream, blackberries, cake. Supper - Toast of Graham bread, sliced chicken cold, cream cakes and jelly.

12. Breakfast - Batter cakes, broiled ham, tomato omelet, radishes. Dinner - Baked lamb, green peas, baked potatoes, squash; rice custard, berries with cream. Supper - Biscuit, cold lamb sliced, ripe currants with cream.

13. Breakfast - Rice muffins, hash, tomatoes. Dinner - Economical soup; blackberry pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Buttered toast, cold sliced meat, blackberries with cream.

14. Breakfast - French rolls, vegetable hash, broiled beefsteak, cottage cheese. Dinner - Mock (or real) turtle soup, baked heart, baked potatoes, stewed beans; chocolate pudding, cocoanut cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced heart, cottage puffs, stewed berries.

15. Breakfast - Cream toast, fried liver, fricasseed potatoes, Dinner - Clam pie, mashed potatoes, string beans, lettuce; blackberry pie, cake. Supper - Plain bread, dried beef frizzled, rice batter cakes with sugar.

16. Breakfast - Muffins, broiled mutton cbops, fried potatoes. Dinner - Fish fresh or canned, whole potatoes, peas, squash, lettuce; Hamburg cream. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold pressed meat, corn meal mush with cream.

17. Breakfast - Plain bread, veal sweetbreads, mush fried, boiled eggs. Dinner - Boiled ham with potatoes, cabbage, string beans; warm gingerbread, lemonade. Supper - Dry toast, cold ham shaved, rusk, blackberries and cream.

18. Sunday. Breakfast - Vienna rolls, fried chicken with cream gravy, fried tomatoes, cottage cheese. Dinner - Roast of beef with potatoes, stewed tomatoes, cucumbers, wilted lettuce; Charlotte russe, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced beef, blackberries.

19. Breakfast - Buttered toast with poached eggs, cold roast beef sliced and warmed up with gravy, potatoes fried. Dinner - Veal stuffed and baked with potatoes, peas; tapioca pudding. Supper - Light biscuit, cold veal, cracked wheat and cream.

20. Breakfast - Slap-jacks, veal cutlets, breakfast hominy. Dinner - Mutton soup, boiled mutton dressed with drawn butter, whole potatoes, tomatoes, beet salad; whortleberry pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Soda biscuit, cold mutton, jelly and cake.

21. Breakfast - Graham gems, croquettes of mutton, new potatoes fried whole. Dinner - Boiled tongue, mashed potatoes, tomatoes stewed; blackberries and cream. Supper - Pop-overs, cold tongue, oatmeal and cream.

22. Breakfast - Vienna rolls, beefsteak, potato cake. Dinner - Chicken croquettes, potatoes, tomatoes, onion sauce; tapioca jelly, oranges. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced chicken, stewed berries, short cake.

23. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled fish, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Fresh fish chowder or canned fish in fricassee, potatoes whole, peas, baked egg plant, boiled rice; gooseberry fool, cake. Supper - Toasted Sally Lunn, cold pressed meats, rice custards, sponge cake.

24. Breakfast - Rice waffles, veal cutlets breaded, scrambled eggs. Dinner - Ham or shoulder boiled with cabbage and other vegetables, greens; baked custard, cake. Supper - Biscuits, cold ham, bread and milk iced, blackberries with cream.

25. Sunday. Breakfast - Breakfast rolls, frizzled ham and eggs, tomato omelet, cottage cheese. Dinner - Okra soup, boiled chickens, sweet pickles, escaloped cauliflower, stewed corn, lettuce; ambrosia of oranges and cocoa-nut, almond cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced chicken, huckleberries and cream.

26. Breakfast - Rolls, fried pickled tripe, tomato omelet. Dinner - Escaloped chicken, whole potatoes, string beans, summer squash, onions, radishes; berries with cream, cake. Supper - Plain bread, cold pressed meat, crackers with fruit.

27. Breakfast - Muffins, broiled mutton or lamb chops, fried potatoes, tomatoes. Dinner - Roast beef, cauliflower boiled with sauce, Lima beans, raw tomatoes; huckleberry roll with sauce, cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, sliced beef, cake and lemonade.

28. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled beefsteak, puff omelet, stewed tomatoes. Dinner - Boiled corned beef with turnips, potatoes, beans, cabbage; sliced bread pudding, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, cold corn beef, egg rolls.

29. Breakfast - Waffles, fried chickens, fricasseed potatoes. Dinner - Roast chicken, potatoes, squash, baked tomatoes; gooseberry tarts, cake. Supper - Plain bread, cold chicken, jelly and cake.

30. Breakfast - Graham gems, broiled ham with poached eggs. Dinner - Fish, fresh or canned, potatoes mashed, onions stewed with cream, Lima beans, lettuce; huckleberry pie, cream puffs. Supper - Graham toast, sardines, "vanities" with jelly.

31. Breakfast - Buttered toast, potato cakes, omelets with tomatoes. Dinner - Boiled ham or shoulder with cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables, cucumber salad; custard pie. Supper - Light biscuit, shaved ham, blanc mange with jelly and cake.