1. Breakfast - Biscuit, croquettes of veal, breakfast hominy. Dinner - Veal stew, turnips, beets; baked apples with cream, cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, bread and milk, fried apples.

2. Breakfast - Graham gems, fried liver, fried cabbage, raw potatoes fried. Dinner - Baked chicken with potatoes and parsnips, mashed turnips, celery; apple dumplings with sauce, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, cold sliced chicken, corn starch blanc mange with jelly.

3. Breakfast - Breakfast wheat, chicken croquettes, plain bread. Dinner - Boiled leg of mutton with soup, macaroni with cheese, boiled cauliflower, whole boiled potatoes, slaw; baked custard, jelly cake. Supper - Biscuit, dried beef frizzled, hot short cake, jam.

4. Breakfast - Corn muffins, broiled liver, hominy. Dinner - Veal pot pie, escaloped oysters, celery, slaw; tapioca cream, cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, sliced tongue, rusk, stewed pears.

5. Breakfast - Buttered toast, poached eggs, warmed-over pot pie. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, beets; custard pie, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, cold pressed meat, bread and milk.

6. Breakfast - Bread puffs, croquettes of fish, potatoes. Dinner - Larded liver, mashed potatoes, delicate cabbage; rice pudding, cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, apple fritters with sugar, tea cakes.

7. Sunday. Breakfast - Cream toast, fried chickens, escaloped eggs. Dinner - Roast wild goose with apple sauce, celery, turnips, sweet potatoes; pumpkin pie, cake. Supper - Tea rolls, cold sliced goose, gelatine blanc mange.

8. Breakfast - Corn cake, broiled mutton chops, hominy. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, potatoes, turnips, cabbage salad; lemon pie, farina pudding, cake. Supper - Cold roast beef, bread fritters, honey.

9. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, breakfast stew, fried potatoes. Dinner - Stewed beef, mashed boiled onions, mashed potatoes, Lima beans, jelly; rice apples, cake. Supper - Toasted Sally Lunn, sliced cold beef, fried apples, rusk.

10. Breakfast - Buttered toast, fried pork steak, potato cakes, tomatoes. Dinner - Boiled chicken with soup, plain rice, whole potatoes, slaw; apple dumplings, cake. Supper - Cold chicken, rice fritters, tea cakes.

11. Breakfast - Waffles, broiled steak, fried potatoes. Dinner - Toad-in-the-hole, whole potatoes, turnips, onion sauce; cream pie, cake. Supper-Cold rolls, canned salmon, black caps.

12. Breakfast - Fried mush, oyster fritters, plain bread. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, canned peas, tomatoes, grape jelly; cottage pudding with sauce. Supper - Rolls, cold mutton sliced, rice fritters, jelly and cake.

13. Breakfast - Hot rolls, croquettes of fish, potato cakes. Dinner - Economical soup; Estelle pudding, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, soused beef, stewed fruit, tea cakes.

14. Sunday. Breakfast - Oyster omelet, vegetable hash, baked apples, potatoes. Dinner - Stewed oysters, roast wild duck, mashed potatoes, boiled onions, celery; Charlotte russe, fruit cake. Supper - Cold duck sliced, light biscuit, grapes, sponge cake, currant jelly.

15. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled pork, potato cakes. Dinner - Roast beef, sweet potatoes, boiled turnips, chicken salad; economical pudding. Supper - Oatmeal mush, cold roast beef, cranberry tarts, cake.

16. Breakfast - Graham bread, croquettes of duck, potatoes. Dinner - Spiced beef tongue, baked potatoes, macaroni with cheese; grapes, cake. Supper - Toasted Graham bread, cold tongue, baked pears.

17. Breakfast - Batter cakes, broiled mutton chops, potatoes. Dinner - Oyster pie, baked sweet potatoes, diced turnips, celery; apple pie with whipped cream. Supper - Cold rolls, chipped beef, custard cakes, marmalade.

18. Breakfast - Waffles, hash, fried sweet potatoes. Dinner - Brown stew, baked potatoes, plain rice, slaw; pumpkin pie, cake. Supper - Cold sliced beef, short cake, jam.

19. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, broiled sausage, hominy. Dinner - Tur-bot, mashed potatoes, turnips, Heidelberg cabbage; prune whip, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, bologna sausage, baked quinces.

20. Breakfast - Graham gems, veal cutlets, potatoes. Dinner - Chicken pot pie; warm apple pie, cake. Supper - Toasted gems, dried beef, baked apples.

21. Sunday. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled oysters with pork, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Stewed oysters, roast goose, Texas baked potatoes, boiled onions, cranberry sauce, celery; peach pie, jelly cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, sliced goose, grapes, cakes.

22. Breakfast - Breakfast wheat, broiled steak, potatoes, plain bread. Dinner - Roast goose warmed over, baked potatoes, macaroni with cheese; grape pie, cake. Supper - Buttered oast, cold sliced goose, fried apples, rusk.

23. Breakfast - Corn gems, fried liver, beefsteak, potatoes. Dinner- Roast pork with sweet potatoes or parsnips, tomatoes, beets, apple sauce; bread and fruit pudding, cake. Supper - Toasted gems, dried beef, canned fruit.

24. Breakfast - Pates of pork, fried sweet potatoes, plain bread. Dinner - Beef a la mode, steamed potatoes, Heidelberg cabbage, beets, plain rice; cocoanut pudding, cake. Supper - Cold meat, rice fritters, baked apples.

25. Thanksgiving day. Breakfast - Grapes, oatmeal with cream, panned oysters with toast, hot rolls, broiled mutton chops, raw potatoes fried, flannel cakes with maple syrup or honey. Dinner - Turtle, chicken,' or oyster soup, baked fish if large and fresh. or stewed if canned (cod, halibut, or salmon,) mashed potatoes, celery, roast turkey, baked sweet potatoes. Lima beans, stewed tomatoes, onions, beets, cranberry sauce, cabbage salad, green pickles; pumpkin pie, mince pie, plum pudding, ice-lcream, assorted cakes, oranges and grapes, nuts. Supper - Light biscuit, shaved cold turkey, currant jelly, cheese sandwiches, tea cakes, apples and jelly.

2G. Breakfast - Buttered toast, turkey hash or croquettes of meat and vegetables. Dinner - Escaloped turkey, turnips, beets, potatoes, slaw, corn starch pudding, cakes. Supper - Light biscuit, cold turkey, cranberry sauce, Welsh rarebit.

27. Breakfast - Corn bread, broiled spare ribs, potatoes. Dinner - Turkey sou}), venison steak, potatoes a la pancake, carrots, boiled beets; custard pie, cake. Supper - Cold roils, cold tongue, mush and milk.

28. Sunday. Breakfast - Graham gems, veal cutlets, omelet Dinner Oyster roll, cold sliced tongue, turnips mashed, baked sweet potatoes, eel-ery; pumpkin pie, grapes, cake.' Supper - Light biscuit, cold tongue, currant jelly, cake.

29. Breakfast - Buttered toast, fried venison, fried sweet potatoes. Dinner - Roast mutton, baked potatoes, baked turnips, plum jelly; grapes, chocolate cake. Supper - Light biscuit, sliced mutton, doughnuts,

30. Breakfast - Hot rolls, mutton croquettes, potatoes. Dinner - Boiled corned beef with turnips and potatoes, pickled beets. Chili sauce; peach roll. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced corn beef, baked apples, rusk.