1. Breakfast - Broiled steak, flannel cakes, fried potatoes. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, potatoes boiled, fried egg plant; peach pie, cake. Supper - Dried beef frizzled, light biscuit, stewed quinces.

2. Breakfast - Veal cutlets, plain omelet, hot biscuit, fried potatoes. Din-Ker - Boiled mutton with soup, potatoes, turnips, carrots, beets and pickles; apple dumplings with sauce, cake and fruit. Supper - Cold mutton sliced, apple sauce, warm biscuit, cake, jelly.

3. Sunday. Breakfast - Broiled oysters, baked apples, corn batter cakes. Dinner - Baked chickens stuffed, Lima beans, baked sweet potatoes, corn, squash, beets, celery; frozen peaches, grapes, cake. Supper - Sardines, bread, coffee cake, sliced peaches.

4. Breakfast - Biscuit, broiled bacon, fried potatoes. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, turnips, corn, tomatoes; bread pudding with sauce, cake, fruit. Supper - Sliced beef, bread, cake, stewed peaches.

5. Breakfast - Hash or beef croquettes, muffins, fried cabbage. Dinner - Meat pie, steamed potatoes, corn, fried egg plant, beets; custard baked, cake, fruit. Supper - Sliced tongue, bread, chocolate, blanc mange, rnsk.

6. Breakfast - Mutton chops broiled, potatoes fried, buttered toast. Dinner - Veal pot pie, sweet potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes, pickles; apple fritters with sauce, grape tarts, cake. Supper - Cold tongue, currant or plum jelly, baked quinces.

7. Breakfast - Corn muffins, fried liver, fried sweet potatoes. Dinner - Chicken fricassee, baked potatoes, turnips, beets; rice apples, cake, fruit. Supper - Chicken pates, peaches with cream, bread.

8. Breakfast - Waffles, veal cutlets, potato croquettes. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, corn, stewed tomatoes; rice pudding, cocoa-nut cake, fruit. Supper - Canned corned beef sliced, buns, fried apples with Sugar.

9. Breakfast - Bread puffs, croquettes of fish with potatoes, tomatoes.

Dinner - Saturday bean soup, broiled beafsteak, boiled cauliflower, potatoes boiled in jackets, pickles; plain boiled pudding with sauce, cake, fruit. Supper - Beafsteak toast, bread, stewed pears.

10. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans with Boston brown bread, baked apples with cream. Dinner - Oyster soup, roast wild duck, grape jelly, celery, mashed potatoes and turnips, slaw; compote of pears, cake. Supper - Sliced duck, bread and milk.

11. Breakfast - Graham gems, broiled mutton chop, croquettes of cold vegetables. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, carrots, plain boiled rice; baked custard, cake, grapes. Supper - Cold beef sliced, bread, rice fritters with sugar.

12. Breakfast - Hash, fried okra, biscuit. Dinner - Boiled mutton with soup, celery, slaw; sliced pineapples, cake. Supper - Sliced mutton, cottage cheese, bread, cake, grape jam.

13. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, croquettes of mutton and vegetables. Dinner - Beef a la mode, mashed potatoes and turnips, succotash; apples, .grapes, cake. Supper - Cold beef, bread, cake, baked pears.

14. Breakfast - Buttered toast, croquettes of cold beef and vegetables. Dinner - Fried or smothered chickens, mashed potatoes, Lima beans, pickles; bird's nest pudding, cake. Supper - Canned corned beef sliced, rolls.

15. Breakfast - Broiled mutton chops, fried potato cakes, muffins. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, boiled whole potatoes, corn, delicate cabbage; peach meringue, cake. Supper - Bologna sausage, toasted muffins, honey.

16. Breakfast - Plain bread, veal cutlets, breakfast wheat. Dinner - Boiled beef with vegetables; cocoanut pudding, cake. Supper - Soused beef, light biscuit, fried apples.

17. Sunday. Breakfast - Vegetable hash, fried oysters, stewed tomatoes. Dinner - Broiled pheasant, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onion sauce; peach meringue pie, plum jelly, cake, fruit. Supper - Cold beef sliced, rusk, baked apples.

18. Breakfast - Biscuit, veal cutlets breaded, potatoes. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, tomatoes; plain boiled rice, cake. Supper - Chipped dried beef, baked apples, rice waffles with sugar.

19. Breakfast - Veal croquettes, fried cabbage, fried potatoes. Dinner - Boiled mutton with soup, potatoes, squash; apple tapioca pudding, cake. Supper - Sliced mutton, light buns, fried apples.

20. Breakfast - Pates of cold mutton, fried potatoes, plain bread. Dinner - Boiled corned beef with potatoes, turnips, carrots,; plain batter pudding, with sauce, cake, fruit. Supper - Sliced corned beef, grape jam, pop-overs.

21. Breakfast - Hot rolls, broiled bacon, fricasseed potatoes. Dinner - Meat pie, boiled onions, stewed tomatoes, beets; apple dumplings with sauce, cake. Supper - Cold pressed meat, cake, stewed grapes.

22. Breakfast - Plain bread, fried fish, corn dodgers, tomatoes. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, whole boiled potatoes, tomatoes, creamed cabbage; molasses pudding, cake. Supper - Dried beef frizzled, buns, baked apples. ,

23. Breakfast - Graham bread, mutton chops, fried potatoes. Dinner - Broiled steak, Heidelberg cabbage, turnips, pickles; cocoanut pudding, chocolate cake, grapes. Supper - Beefsteak toast, mush and milk, light biscuit, baked pears.

21. Sunday. Breakfast - Fried oysters, fried mush, poached eggs. Dinner - Roast wild ducks, grape or plum jelly, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, Lima beans; sliced peaches, ice cream, cake, grapes. Supper - Sliced duck, sliced tomatoes, sponge cake, jelly.

25. Breakfast - Corn cakes, broiled ham, tomatoes or potatoes. Dinner - Roasted beef with potatoes, turnips, plain rice boiled; sago pudding, cake. Supper - Cold sliced beef, bread, butter, apple sauce.

26. Breakfast - Rice cakes, broiled steak, fried potatoes. Dinner - Meat pie, Lima beans, stuffed cabbage salad; molasses pudding, cake. Supper-Sardines, dry toast, baked apples.

27. Breakfast - Hash of mutton, Sally Limn, fried onions. Dinner - Breaded chicken, baked sweet potatoes, tomatoes; baked quinces, cake. Supper - Cold presskd meat, rolls, tried apples.

28. Breakfast - Hot rolls, veal cutlets, fried sweet potatoes. Dinner - Ragout of beef, potatoes, turnips, tomatoes baked; Italian cream, cake, fruit. Supper - Dried beef chipped, preserves with whipped cream.

29. Breakfast - Corn cakes, broiled bacon, omelette. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, whole potatoes, creamed cabbage, tomatoes, beets; boiled Indian pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Bologna sausage, rusk toasted hot. quince jelly.

30. Breakfast - Fruit, rolls, broiled mutton chop, potato croquettes. Din-neb - Broiled steak, Saturday bean soup, potatoes, turnips and carrots, pickles; warm apple pie, fruit cake. Supper - Hot biscuit, cold tongue, fried apples, tea cakes.

31. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans, Boston brown bread, baked apples. Dinner - Stewed oysters, roast veal with sweet potatoes, apple sauce, tomatoes, cabbage salad; cold apple pie, jelly cake, grapes and apples. Supper - Toasted muffins, sliced veal, bananas.