Black Caps

Pare and core tart apples with apple-corer, fill the center with sugar, stick four cloves in the top of each, and bake in deep pie-plates, with a little water.

Fried Bananas

Peel and slice lengthwise, fry in butter, sprinkle with sugar, and serve. Thus prepared they make a nice dessert. The bananas must be ripe.

Iced Currants

Wash and drain dry, large bunches of ripe currants, dip into beaten whites of eggs, put on sieve so they will not touch each other, sift powdered sugar thickly over them, and put in a warm place till dry. Cherries and grapes may be prepared in the same way.

Gooseberry Fool

Stew gooseberries until soft, add sugar, and press through a colander (earthen is best), then make a boiled custard, or sweetenenough rich cream (about one gill to each quart), and stir carefully into the gooseberries just before sending to table. - Mrs. L. S. W.

Oranges in Jelly. Boil the smallest-sized oranges in water until a straw will easily penetrate them, clarify half a pound of sugar for each pound of fruit, cut in halves or quarters, and put them to the syrup, set over a slow fire until the fruit is clear; then stir into it an ounce or more of dissolved isinglass, and let it boil for a short time longer. Before taking it up try the jelly, and if it is not thick enough add more isinglass, first taking out the oranges into a deep glass dish, and then straining the jelly over them. Lemons may be prepared in the same manner.

Orange Pyramid

Cut the peel in six or eight equal pieces, making the incisions from the stem downward; peel each piece down about half way, and bend it sharply to the right, leaving the peeled orange apparently in a cup, from which it is removed without much difficulty. Pile the oranges so prepared in a pyramid on a high fruit-dish, and you have an elegant center-piece.

Baked Pears

Bake washed, unpeeled pears in pan with only a tea-spoon or two of water; sprinkle with the sugar, and serve with their own syrup.

Baked Pie-plant

Cut in pieces about an inch long, put in baking-dish in layers with an equal weight of sugar, cover closely and bake.