One ounce vitriol, one ounce extract logwood to two pounds goods; color in iron. Dissolve the extract over night in warm water; pulverize the vitriol, put it into boiling water sufficient to cover the goods; wash the goods well, rinse in warm water, then simmer a few minutes in vitriol water; take out, wash thoroughly in clear water, then dip in boiling logwood dye till the color is good, stirring often and lifting up so it will get the air; dry, then wash in a suds and rinse. In renovating black alpaca that has become rusty, dissolve the logwood only, as nothing is needed to set the color. Wash the goods well in suds, rinse, dip in logwood dye, boil a few minutes, stirring and lifting to air. When dry, wash again in suds and rinse in water in which a little gum arabic has been dissolved, and press smoothly on the wrong side while damp. Dyed in this way the color will not rub off more than from new goods, and looks as good as new. When extract of logwood is used, it is only needful to boil enough to dissolve before putting in the goods.