Blisters For Diphtheria

The method of treating that form of pulmonary consumption which consists in ulceration in the substance of the lungs, by means of blisters on the chest, and thus giving an artificial outlet to the humors which otherwise discharge from the lungs, has been successfully applied to various other diseases in which vital organs were attacked. Even various forms of internal inflammation may in this way be drawn to the exterior, and the latest application of tins method has been made with diphtheria. The new method is to blister the chest of the patient suffering from diphtheria, and the ulceration which otherwise takes place in the throat, will appear on the chest, while the throat becomes free.

Healing Salve For Wounds

- Pint olive-oil, half ounce common resin, half ounce beeswax; melt well together, and bring oil to boiling heat; add 40 gradually of pulverized red lead - three-eighths of a pound (for summer use a trifle more lead); in a short time after it is taken up by the oil, and the mixture becomes brown or a shining black, remove from the fire, and when nearly cold add two scruples pulverized camphor. It should remain on the fire until it attains a proper consistency for spreading, which may be known by dipping a splint or knife in the mixture from time to time, and allowing it to cool. When used spread thinly on a piece of tissue-paper or old, fine linen. Excellent for frost sores or any kind that are hard to heal.

How To Distinguish Rashes

Measles appear as a number of dull red spots, in many places running into each other, and is usually first seen about the face and on the forehead, near the roots of the hair, and is often preceded by running of the eyes and nose, and all the signs of severe cold. Scarlet fever appears first about the neck and chest, but not unfrequently at the bend of the elbow or under the knee, and is usually preceded by sore throat. It can be distinguisbed from roseola - a mild disease, which is sometimes mistaken for it - by the bright red color of the skin, which appears not unlike a boiled lobster. In chicken-pox the symptom is attended by fever, the spots are small, separate pimples, and come generally over the whole body.

Cubeb Berries For Catarrh

- A new remedy for catarrh is crushed cubeb berries smoked in a pipe, emitting the smoke through the nose; after a few trials this will be easy to do. If the nose is stopped up so that it is almost impossible to breathe, one pipeful will make the head as clear as a bell. For sore throat, asthma, and bronchitis, swallowing the smoke effects immediate relief. It is the best remedy in the world for offensive breath, and will make the most foul breath pure and sweet. Sufferers from that horrid disease, ulcerated catarrh, will find this remedy unequaled, and a month's use will cure the most obstinate case. A single trial will convince any one. Eating the uncrushed berries is also good for sore throat and all bronchial complaints. After smoking, do not expose yourself to cold air for at least fifteen minutes.