To boil a fish, fill with a rich dressing of rolled crackers seasoned with butter, pepper, salt and sage, wrap it in a well-floured cloth, tie closely with twine or sew, and place in well-salted boiling water. Place where it will simmer from eight to ten minutes to the pound, according to size and thickness of fish. - Mrs. Henry C. Farrar, Cleveland, Tenn.

Boiled Codfish

Soak over night, put in a pan of cold water, and simmer two or three hours. Serve with drawn butter, with hard-boiled eggs sliced on it. Codfish is also excellent broiled. After soaking sufficiently, grease the bars of the gridiron, broil, and serve with bits of butter dropped over it. This is a nice relish for tea. - Mrs. Lewis Brown.

Boiled Fresh Cod

Put the fish in fish-kettle (or tie up in cloth) in boiling water with some salt and scraped horse-radish, let simmer till done, place a folded napkin on a dish, turn fish upon it, and serve with drawn' butter, oyster or egg-sauce. When cold, chop fine, pour over it drawn butter or egg-sauce, and add pepper to taste, warm thoroughly, stirring to prevent burning, make up in rolls or any other form, and brown before the fire.

Boiled Salt Mackerel

After freshening wrap in a cloth and simmer for fifteen minutes: it will be almost done as soon as the water reaches the boiling point; remove, lay on it two hard-boiled eggs sliced, pour over it drawn butter, and trim with parsley leaves. Boiling salt-fish hardens it.

Boiled White Fish

Dress the fish nicely, and cover in fish-kettle with boiling water -seasoned well with salt; remove the scum as it rises, and simmer, allowing from eight to ten minutes time to every pound; when about half done, add a little vinegar or lemon juice, take out, drain, and dish carefully, pouring over it drawn butter; or garnish with sprigs of parsley, and serve with egg-sauce. - Mrs. M. Smith, Pittsburgh.