With a sharp knife slit the skin down the back, and raising one side at a time with the fingers, separate the flesh from the bones with knife, until the wings and legs are reached. These unjoint from the body, and cutting through to the bone, turn back the flesh and remove the bones. When bones are removed, the flesh may be re-shaped by stuffing. Some leave the bones in the legs and wings, as they are most difficult to remove. Stuff with force-meat, made of cold lamb or veal and a little pork, chopped fine and seasoned with salt, pepper, sage or savory, and the juice of one lemon; sew into shape, turn ends of wings under and press the legs close to-the back, and tie all firmly so that the upper surface may be plump and smooth for the carver. Lard with two or three rows on the top, and bake until thoroughly done, basting often with salt and water, and a little butter. This is a difficult dish to attempt. Carve across in slices and serve with tomato-sauce. - Mrs. J. Flemming, Philadelphia, Pa.

Boned Turkey

Bone and stuff as in preceding recipe, roll tight in a strong, clean cloth, tie with tape in center and near the ends, and fasten ends-firmly with strong twine, taking care to make the roll compact and perfectly secure; place in a rich stock, prepared by putting the bones in cold water with herbs, an onion peeled and stuck with ten cloves, and a sliced carrot and turnip, bringing to a boil, and skimming it until clear (if not enough to cover, add more boiling water), and boil four or five hours, take up, remove cloth, wash it in cold water, and replace turkey in it as before, place it between two platters under a heavy weight, and let stand over night to cool; strain the stock in which it was boiled, in the morning remove all fat, and put stock over the fire; add to it two ounces gelatine dissolved in a pint of cold water, and clarify as in general directions for " Soups." Strain through flannel until perfectly clear, pour it into two shallow molds, color one dark brown with caramel, and cool, until the jelly is firm; place turkey on a dish and garnish with the jelly cut in fanciful shapes; or first place the turkey on a dish, and pour the jelly over it.