Bread Cakes

Take stale bread and soak over night in sour milk; in the morning rub through a colander, and to one quart add the yolks of two eggs, one tea-spoon salt, one tea-spoon soda, two table-spoons sugar, and flour enough to make a batter a little thicker than for buckwheat cakes; add last the well-beaten whites of the eggs, and bake.

Crumb Griddle-cakes

The night before using put some bread crumbs to soak in one quart of sour milk; in the morning rub through a sieve, and add four well-beaten eggs, two tea-spoons soda dissolved in a little water, one table-spoon melted butter, and enough corn meal to make them the consistency of ordinary griddle-cakes. It is better to beat yolks and whites separately, stirring the whites lightly in just before baking. - Mrs. W. E. Scobey, Kankakee, I11.

Corn Cakes

One pint corn meal, one of sour milk or buttermilk, one egg, one tea-spoon soda, one of salt. A table-spoon of flour or corn starch may be used in place of the egg; bake on a griddle.

Flannel Cakes

Make hot a pint of sweet milk, and into it put two heaping tablespoons butter, let melt, then add a pint of cold milk, the well-beaten yolks of four eggs - placing the whites in a cold place - a tea-spoon of salt, four table-spoons potato yeast, and sufficient flour to make a stiff batter; set in a warm place to rise, let stand three hours or over night; before baking add the beaten whites; fry like any other griddle-cakes. Be sure to make batter just stiff enough, for flour must not be added in the morning unless it is allowed to rise again.

Graham Griddle-cakes

One quart Graham flour, one tea-spoon baking powder, three eggs, and milk or water enough to make thin batter.

Indian Pancakes

One pint Indian meal, one tea:spoon salt, small tea-spoon soda; pour on boiling water until a little thinner than mush; let stand until cool, add the yolks of four eggs, half a cup of flour in which is mixed two tea-spoons cream tartar; stir in as much sweet milk or water as will make the batter suitable to bake; beat the whites well, and add just before baking. - Mrs. W. W. Woods.

Rice Griddle-cakes

Boil half a cup rice; when cold mix one quart sweet milk, the yolks of four eggs, and flour sufficient to make a stiff batter; beat the whites to a froth, stir in one tea-spoon soda, and two of cream tartar; add a little salt, and, lastly the whites of eggs; bake on a griddle. A nice way to serve is to spread them while hot with butter, and almost any kind of preserves or jelly; roll them up neatly, cut off the ends sprinkle them with sugar, and serve immediately. - Mrs. Walter Mitchell, Gallipolis.