Bread Cooler And Roast Dripper

- Every good bread maker knows that, when first removed from the oven, her fragrant loaves should be set where the air can circulate around them freely, so as to insure cooling evenly. Otherwise portions will become heavy. The cooler represented above also answers admirably to support a roast in the dripping pan, insuring uniform cooking, and keeping the roast well up out of the drippings. In boiling meat, particularly a ham, this dripper prevents burning.

Toast Rack

- Toast, to be palatable, must be dry and crisp, and to keep it in this condition, after toasting, the slices must be kept apart, to prevent their gathering moisture and becoming tough, as they always do when piled on a plate. The English, who are very fond of dry toast, place it upon the table in a toast rack, which preserves its quality and crispness, but silver racks are costly, and out of the reach of the masses. The rack here represented is made of white wire, and is as neat and clean as silver, and very cheap. In a large family two will be re-required, as the delicious quality of the toast prepared in this way creates a lively demand for it.

Extension Strainer

- This very convenient strainer has an extension wire frame which is made to rest on the top of a pan, jar or pail. They are made of several degrees of fineness for various purposes. In using the coarser kinds a cloth may be laid inside to strain very fine.

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Candy Tongs

- These very cheap and very neat tongs are an excellent substitute for silver, where the latter can not be afforded, for use in serving candies provided for dessert. The makers of white wire goods deserve thanks for the many neat and useful articles they have placed within the reach of people of small means.

Pie Trimmer And Marker

This simple little instrument trims off the surplus pie-crust that projects over the plate, and at the same time neatly ornaments the border. It is one of the indispensable conveniences of the kitchen after it has once been used. Pies can be made without it, but if ornamentation does not add to the nutriment, it pleases the eye and aids digestion, and pies are not famous for being the most digestible articles in the world, no matter how carefully made.

Meat Chopper

- This little machine is indispensable in every family where sausage and mince pies are favorite dishes. It does its work perfectly and with great rapidity. Men who buy mowing machines and hay forks can not afford to let their wives work away in the kitchen with old-fashioned implements when better ones are to be had at a small outlay of money. If any husband refuses to buy it, let the wife cut off his supply of hash and sausages on trial, and then take severer means afterward if necessary.