Bread-Crumbs For Pastry

Many puddings that are commonly baked in a crust, such as cocoa-nut, potato, apple, and lemon, are equally as good and more wholesome, made by strewing grated bread-crumbs over a buttered pie-plate or pudding-dish to the usual depth of crust; pour in the pudding, strew another layer of bread-crumbs over the top, and bake.

Squab Pie

Trim a deep dish with paste as for chicken pie. put in a layer of sliced sour apples, season with sugar and spice; add a layer of fresh, rather lean pork, sliced thin, seasoned with salt and pepper; and thus place alternate layers of apple and pork until the dish is nearly full; put in a little water and cover with paste; bake slowly until thoroughly done.

Marsh Mallow Paste

- Dissolve one pound of clean gum arable in one mart of water; strain, add one pound of refined sugar, and place over the fire, stirring continually until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture has be-oome the consistency of honey. Next, add gradually the whites of eight eggs well beaten, stirring the mixture all the time, until it loses its stickiness and does not adhere to the ringers when touched. The mass may now be poured out into a pan or box. slightly dusted with starch, and when cool divided into small squares.

Apple Croutes

- Pare, halve and core good smooth apples, cut slices of bread, without crust, to lit the flat side of each half apple; dust the apple all over with sugar, a little nutmeg or cinnamon, arrange these on the slices of bread in a pie plate, bake in a moderate oven. The apples will retain their shape, and if peeled with care or carved lightly in shells or other fanciful designs make a very presentable dish for tea or a hasty lunch, beside being simple and healthy.

Economical Indian Pudding

- Scald one quart of sweet milk, into it stir five rounded tablespoons Indian meal, one teacup brown sugar or five tablespoons molasses, one teaspoon ginger, and a little salt; put in moderate oven to bake, and in half an hour stir in one cup cold rich milk; bake two hours. This is much improved by adding a teacup of raisins when the cold milk is added. Serve with cream or hot sauce.

Soused Beef Left After Soup

Cut the meat and bristle off bone in small pieces, salt, pepper and spice with mace, and pour over it hot vinegar, or an equal quantity of water and strong vinegar will be better. Good for supper; may be warmed over for breakfast.

Ax Economical Dish

Season mashed potatoes with salt, pepper, butter and cream; place a layer in a pie dish; upon this place a layer of cold meat or fish, finely chopped, then alternate until dish is full; then strew bread crumbs over top and bake brown.

A Lunch Dish

Chop the lean of cold roast beef or steak very fine, separating it first from all the fat; nearly fill a pudding dish with cold boiled or baked macaroni; in the center put chopped beef, carefully flavored with salt, pepper, thyme, and, if to your taste, a little liquor poured off from canned tomatoes. Pour sour stock or gravy over beef and macaroni, cover with bread crumbs, over which pour two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, and bake half an hour.