Bread Pudding

One quart sweet milk, quart bread-crumbs, four eggs, four tablespoons sugar; soak bread in half the milk until soft; mash fine, add the rest of milk, the well-beaten eggs and sugar, and a teacup raisins; bake one hour, serve warm with warm sauce or maple sugar hard sauce; or, slice, butter, and spread bread with preserves or jelly, place nicely in a baking-dish. Make a custard of one pint of sweet milk, three eggs, and sugar to taste, and while boiling pour it over bread. Place in oven and bake till brown, eat with or without sauce.

Blackberry Mush

To two quarts ripe berries add one and a half pints boiling water, and one pound sugar; cook a few moments, then stir in a pint of wheat flour, boil a few moments longer, put in greased mold to cool, and serve with cream or hard sauce. - Miss H. D. Martin, New York City.

Cream Pudding

Stir together one pint cream, three ounces sugar, the yolks of three eggs, and a little grated nutmeg; add the well-beaten whites, stirring lightly, and pour into a buttered pie-plate on which has been sprinkled the crumbs of stale bread to about the thickness of an ordinary crust; sprinkle over the top a layer of bread-crumbs and bake.

Cottage Pudding

One cup sugar, half cup butter, one egg, cup sweet milk, tea. spoon soda dissolved in milk, two tea-spoons cream tartar in the flour, three cups flour, half tea-spoon extract of lemon. Sprinkle a little sugar over the top just before putting in the oven, bake in a small bread-pan, and when done cut in squares, and serve with sauce made of two table-spoons butter, cup sugar, table-spoon flour wet with a little cold water and stirred until like cream; add a pint boiling water, let boil two or three minutes, stirring all the time. After taking from the fire, add half tea-spoon extract of lemon. Nutmeg may be used in place of lemon. What is left of the pudding and sauce may be served cold for tea. - Mrs. Howard Vosbury.

Chocolate Pudding

One quart sweet milk, three ounces grated chocolate, one cup sugar, yolks of five eggs; scald milk and chocolate together, and, when cool, add sugar and eggs, and bake. When done, put beaten whites and five table-spoons sugar on top, and set in oven to brown. Or, boil one pint milk, add half cup butter, one of sugar, and three ounces grated chocolate; pour this over two slices of bread soaked in water; when cool, add the well-beaten yolks of four eggs, bake, and when done, spread over the whites beaten with sugar, and brown in oven. Serve hot or cold. - Miss Greeley Grubbs, Richmond,

Cocoa-nut Pudding

Grate one cocoa-nut, saving the milk if perfectly sweet, boil a quart of milk, and pour upon it, adding five eggs beaten with one cup of sugar and one table-spoon butter, add a little salt, two tea spoons vanilla extract, and milk from nut, and bake in a pudding-dish lined with rich paste. This is excellent baked like pie with under crust only. A plainer yet good pudding is made by pouring one and one-half pints boiling milk over one pint bread-crumbs and one cup dessicated cocoa-nut mixed; add two table-spoons sugar and nutmeg to flavor; bake. - Mrs. T. B. Johnson, Lagrange, Tenn.