Brown Bread

Two and one-half cups sour milk, and one-half cup molasses; into these put one heaping tea-spoon soda, two cups corn meal, one cup Graham flour and one tea-spoon salt. Use coffee cups. Steam three hours, and afterwards brown in oven. - Mrs. D. Bassett, Min. neapolis, Minn.

Brown Bread with Horsford's Bread Preparation.

One and a fourth cups sweet milk, one cup each corn meal and Graham, one-half cup molasses, and one measure (measures are furnished with the Horsford) each of Horsford's Bread Preparation. Use coffee cups.

Bread With Mush

Pour two quarts hot corn-meal mush, made as for eating, over two quarts flour (wheat or Graham); when cool, add one quart sponge, one coffee cup molasses, one tea-spoon salt, half tea-spoon soda; mix well together; add more flour if needed, and knead thoroughly; mold into small loaves; let rise and bake in small dripping pans (a loaf in a pan), or pie-tins, in a moderate oven; when done, rub over with butter, place on the side, wrap in a cloth, and when cold put in a jar or box. This recipe makes three good-sized loaves and keeps moist longer than all Graham bread. - Mrs. W. W. Woods, Marysville, Ohio.

Boston Corn Bread

One cup sweet milk, two cups sour milk, two-thirds cup molas. ses, one cup flour, four cups corn meal, two tea-spoons soda; steam three hours, and brown a few minutes in the oven. - Mrs. Canby, Beliefontaine, Ohio.

Mrs. B.'s Corn Bread

One quart sour milk, three eggs, two table-spoons lard or butter (or half and half), one table-spoon sugar, a pinch of salt, handful of wheat flour, and enough corn meal (sifted) to make a good batter; add one heaping tea-spoon soda, stir thoroughly, and bake in long dripping pan.

Boiled Corn Bread

One and one-fourth pints each of sweet milk and buttermilk or sour cream, half a pint molasses, one tea-spoon soda, three teaspoons cream tartar, one even table-spoon salt, one and a fourth pints each of corn meal and flour; sift the soda and cream tartar in the flour; mix all the ingredients thoroughly together and put in a buttered tin pail; cover closely, place in a kettle two-thirds full of boiling water; cover, and boil steadily for three hours, replenishing when needful with boiling water. To be eaten hot with butter. - Mrs. 1. N. Burritt in "In the Kitchen."

Corn Bread

One pint corn meal sifted, one pint flour, one pint sour milk, two eggs beaten light, one-half cup sugar, piece of butter size of an egg; add, the last thing, one tea-spoon soda in a little milk; add to the beaten egg the milk and meal alternately, then the butter and sugar. If sweet milk is used, add one tea-spoon cream tartar; bake twenty minutes in a hot oven. - Mrs. H. B. Sherman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Plain Corn Bread

One well-heaped pint corn meal, one pint sour or buttermilk, one egg, one tea-spoon soda, one of salt; bake in dripping or gem pans. If preferred, one heaping table-spoon of sugar may be added.

Steamed Corn Bread

Two cups each corn meal, Graham flour and sour milk, two-thirds cup molasses, one tea-spoon soda; steam two hours and a half. - Mrs. Jennie Guthrie Cherry, Newark.