Cake Spoon

- This is a peculiar form of spoon, the spaces through the howl of which double the amount of work done by it in heating cakes, eggs, etc.

Tension Chopping Knife

- In this knife the blades are made of hue steel, wrought very thin, and are kept firm by the tension of the frame in which they are set. It does very rapid work, and is an excellent knife for family use. Most people consider hash a very delicious breakfast dish, in spite of all the hits newspaper paragraphers have made on it, and a good implement for making it is indispensable in every well ordered kitchen. The chopping knife is a great saver of butchers' bills, and ought to be respected accordingly.

Iron Sink

- The best sink for service and convenience is made of cast-iron in one solid piece. There are several sizes manufactured, and the largest size that can be afforded should be selected. The iron sink never leaks, is easily cleaned, does not need painting, does not get foul like wood, or wear out like zinc. The waste-pipe is easily and firmly attached, and in short it has all the merits and none of the faults of other sinks.

Fluted Cake Pan

- The cake pan represented by the cut is of a peculiar and desirable form for many purposes. It is kept in most kitchen furnishing stores, and does not exceed the ordinary form in cost. This, like many other articles which we name here, is not a necessity, but a luxury, . which those whose purses are not too short will find it convenient to have in the house.

Cake Cabinet

- Housekeepers always find it difficult to keep cake safely from all dirt and all comers, and at the same time to prevent its drying up. The cake cabinet represented here is of tin, japanned handsomely on the outside, provided with shelves of tin, and a strong door with a lock and key, which may rest in the mistress' pocket, in cases where the calls of beaus on the kitchen maids make too great inroads on the pies and cakes.

Rack For Covers

There are always needed about a kitchen stove or range a number of articles, such as tin covers for pots and pans, handles for stove covers, etc. There should always be a rack or other convenient place on the wall near the stove and within easy reach for all such articles. The handle for stove covers is often hung up, but never should be, because it is often snatched off in a hurry. A small shelf is better if placed at a convenient height. Arrange every thing about a stove to save time and steps.

Kitchen LuxuriesRack For Covers 46Rack For Covers 47

Handled Strainer

- These are made in several sizes, and are very useful for straining drinks for nursery and sick room, starch, yeast, blanc mange, gravies, custards, syrups, jellies, and for sifting sugar upon fruit, cakes and pies, and for sifting salt into butter, excluding all lumps. The strainer may be placed over a tumbler or bowl, resting on the knob on one side and handle on the other.