Canned Corn

Dissolve an ounce tartaric acid in half tea-cup water, and take one table-spoon to two quarts of sweet corn; cook, and while boiling hot, fill the cans, which should be tin. When used turn into a colander, rinse with cold water, add a little soda and sugar while cooking, and season with butter, pepper and salt - Miss Lida Cartmell.

Canned Corn And Tomatoes

Scald, peel, and slice tomatoes (not too ripe) in the proportion of one-third corn to two-thirds tomatoes; put on in a porcelain kettle, let boil fifteen minutes, and can immediately in tin or glass {if glass keep in the dark). Some take equal parts of corn and tomatoes, preparing them as above. Others, after cutting the corn from the cob, cook it twenty minutes, adding a little water and stirring often, then prepare the tomatoes as above, cooking in a separate kettle five minutes, and then adding them to the corn in the proportion of one-third corn to two-thirds tomatoes, mixing well until they boil up once, and then canning immediately. - Mrs. D. Buxton.


String fresh string-beans, break in several pieces, cook in boiling water ten minutes, and can like tomatoes. - Mrs. L. W. C., Cincinnati.

Canned Tomatoes

The tomatoes must be entirely fresh and not overripe; pour over them boiling water, let stand a few minutes, drain off, remove the skins, and slice crosswise into a stone jar, cutting out all the hard or defective portions; cook for a few minutes in their own juice, skimming off the scum which rises, and stirring with a wooden spoon or paddle; have the cans on the hearth filled with hot water; empty, and fill with hot tomatoes; wipe moisture from tops with soft cloth, put on and secure covers. If tin cans are used, press down covers, and pour hot sealing wax into grooves. If put up in glass, set away in a dark place. Either tin, glass or stone cans-may be used, and all may be sealed with putty instead of wax, it being more convenient. (See general instructions for canning fruit.)

Canned Watermelon

Cut rind of ripe melons (first cutting off all green parts) into 6mall pieces two or three inches long, and boil until tender enough to pierce with fork; have a syrup made of white sugar, allowing half pound sugar to a pound fruit; skim out melon and place in syrup together with a few pieces of race ginger, let cook a few minutes, put in cans and seal hot.