Pour boiling water over one peck of large clingstone peaches to remove the fuzz; make a syrup of three pounds sugar and one pint vinegar, using a little water if required to cover the peaches; cook until pretty soft, and can as usual. - Mrs. Frank Stahr, Lancaster, Pa.

Canned Peaches

Have one porcelain kettle with boiling water and another with a syrup made sweet enough with white sugar for the peaches; pare, halve, and drop them into the boiling water, let them remain until a silver fork will pierce them, lift them out with a wire spoon, fill can, pour in all the boiling syrup the can will hold, and seal immediately. Continue in this way, preparing and sealing only one can at a time, until done; boil down the water in first kettle with the syrup, if any is left; if not, add more sugar, and quite a nice marmalade will result. This manner of canning peaches has been thoroughly tested, and is pronounced by the experienced the best of all methods. - Mrs. R. A. Sharp, Kingston.

Canned Peaches Steamed

To peel, place in a wire basket, to the handle of which a cord lias been tied, let down into boiling water for a moment, then into cold water, and strip off the skin (this saves both fruit and labor). The fruit must be at a certain stage to be prepared in this way, for if too green it will not peel, and if too ripe it will be too much softened by the hot water. After peeling, seed and place in a steamer over a kettle of boiling water, first laying a cloth in bottom of steamer; till about half full of fruit, cover tightly, make a syrup in a porcelain kettle for fruit alone, let the fruit steam until it can be easily pierced with a silver fork, drop gently for a moment into the hot syrup, place in the cans, fill, cover, and seal. The above recipe is for canning a few at a time. This recipe, with the exception of mode of peeling, applies equally well to pears.

Canned Peaches

Pare, halve and seed; make a syrup of a pint granulated sugar to a quart water, place on stove in a porcelain kettle (enough for two quart cans). When syrup boils, drop in enough fruit for one-can; watch closely, testing with a silver fork, so that the moment they are done they may be removed. When the peaches are tender, lift very gently with a wire spoon, and place in the can previously heated, according to instructions for preparing glass cans. When full of peaches pour in the hot syrup, place the cover on and seal at once; then add more peaches to the hot syrup for next can, and repeat the operation. If there are more peaches than will fill the-can, place them in another can and keep hot until more are ready, and so on until all are canned. Skim the syrup before adding-peaches, making only enough syrup at one time for two cans. - Mrs. W. W. W.