Chicken Pudding

Dress and cut one chicken into small pieces, put it into a saucepan or kettle with a little water, season with salt and pepper, let boil until it begins to grow tender, then take out and put into a three-quart pudding dish; have ready one quart green corn grated or cut fine, to which add three eggs beaten light and one pint sweet milk; season with salt and pepper, and pour this mixture over the chicken, dredge thickly with flour, lay on bits of butter and bake until done. - Mrs. A. Wilson, Bye, N. Y.

Dressing for Chicken or Beef. Boil potatoes, mash as of for the table, except that they should be less moist, stuff the chicken or roast with this, and bake as ordinarily; for ducks add onions chopped fine; if the bread-dressing is wanted too, it may be laid in the corner of the pan. - Mrs. Carrie Beck,

Fried Spring Chicken

Put skillet on the stove with about half table-spoon each of lard and butter; when hot lay in chicken, sprinkle over with flour, salt and pepper, place lid on skillet, and cook over a moderate fire; when a light brown, turn the chicken and sprinkle flour, salt and pepper over the top as at first, if necessary add more lard and butter, and cook slowly until done; make gravy just the same as for baked chicken. As a general rule half an hour is long enough to fry spring chicken. To make rich and nice gravy without cream, take the yolk of an egg, beat up light, strain and stir slowly into the gravy after the flour and milk have been stirred in and thoroughly cooked; as soon as it boils up the gravy is done, and should be removed from the stove. All gravies need to be stirred well and thoroughly cooked over a moderate fire. - Mrs. L. H.

Fried Gumbo

Cut up two young chickens, and fry in skillet; when brown but not scorched, put in a pot with one quart finely chopped okra, four large tomatoes, and two onions chopped fine; cover with boiling water, boil very slowly, and keep the kettle tightly closed; add boiling water as it wastes, and simmer slowly three hours; season with salt, pepper, and a little butter and flour rubbed together; serve with boiled rice. - Mrs. J. H. S.