Chocolate Custard

Break two sections chocolate in a half-dozen pieces, put it in a pan over boiling water, with milk enough to barely cover it; mash and stir perfectly smooth, then add the rest of the milk (one quart in all, reserving three table-spoons in which to dissolve the corn starch,) one cup sugar, yolks of six eggs, a heaping table-spoon corn starch; beat the yolks, add the sugar and corn starch (dissolved in milk), stir all slowly in the boiling milk, in which the chocolate is -dissolved, add a pinch of salt, and let cook a few minutes, stirring constantly; eat cold with white cake. - Miss Bumie Johnson.

Floating Island

Make a custard of the yolks of six eggs, one quart milk, a small pinch of salt, sugar to taste; beat and strain yolks before adding to the milk; place custard in a large tin pan, and set in stove, stirring constantly until it boils, then remove, flavor with lemon or rose, and pour into a dish (a shallow, wide one is best), spread smoothly over the boiling hot custard the well-beaten whites, grating some loaf-sugar (some add grated cocoa-nut) on the top. Set the dish in a pan of ice-water and serve cold. Some prepare the whites by placing a table-spoon at a time on boiling water, lifting them out carefully, when cooked, with a skimmer and laying them gently on the float. This is the "old reliable recipe." - Mrs. W. W. W.

Good Baked Custard

Eight well-beaten eggs, leaving two whites for the top, three pints milk; sweeten and flavor to taste; bake for two hours in a slow oven. Beat the reserved whites to stiff froth with two table-spoons sugar, spread over the top and return to oven to brown.

Gelatine Custard

To one-third package Coxe's gelatine, add a little less than one pint boiling water; stir until gelatine is dissolved, add the juice of one lemon, and one and a half cups sugar; strain through a jelly, strainer into dish for the table, and set in a cool place. For custard, to one and a half pints milk add the yolks of four eggs (reserving the whites), and four table-spoons sugar; cook and flavor when cool. When required for the table, cut gelatine into small squares, and over them pour the custard. Add four table-spoons powdered sugar to the whites of four eggs well beaten, and when ready for the table place over the custard with a spoon. - Mrs. W. A. James.

Lemon Custard

Beat the yolks of eight eggs till they are white, add pint boiling water, the rinds of two lemons grated, and the juice sweetened to taste; stir this on the fire till it thickens, then add a large glass of rich wine, and one-half glass brandy; give the whole a good boil,, and put in glasses. To be eaten cold. Or, put the thin yellow rind of two lemons, with the juice of three, and sugar to taste, into one pint of warm water. As lemons vary in size and juiciness, the exact quantity of sugar can not be given. Ordinary lemons requires three gills. It will be safe to begin with that quantity, more may be added if required. Beat the whites to a stiff froth, then the yolks; then beat both together, pour in gradually while beating the other ingredients; put all in a pail, set in a pot of boiling water, and stir until thick as boiled custard; strain it in a deep dish; when cool place on ice. Serve in glasses. - Mrs. Belle R. Liggett, Detroit, Mich.