Chocolate Ice-cream

Scald one pint new milk, add by degrees three-quarters of a pound sugar, two eggs, and five table-spoons chocolate, rub smooth in a little milk. Beat well for a moment or two, place over the fire and heat until it thickens well, stirring constantly, set off, add a table-spoon of thin, dissolved gelatine, and when cold, place in freezer; when it begins to set, add a quart of rich cream, half of it well whipped.

To make a mold of chocolate and vanilla, freeze in separate freezers, divide a mold through the center with card-board, fill each division with a different cream, and set mold in ice and salt for an hour or more.

To make chocolate fruit ice-cream, when almost frozen, add a coffee-cup of preserved peaches, or any other preserves, cut in fine pieces.

Egoless Ice-cream

A scant tea-cup flour to two quarts new milk; put three pints on to boil (in tin pail set in a kettle of boiling water), mix the flour with the other pint till smooth, then stir it in the boiling milk; let it boil ten or fifteen minutes, and, just before taking it from the fire, stir in one and a half pounds pulverized sugar (any good white sugar will do). Care must be taken to stir all the time after putting in the sugar, only letting it remain a moment, or just long enough to dissolve it; take from stove, and strain at once through a crash towel. When cold, add one quart cream. Flavor with vanilla, in the proportion of one and a fourth table-spoons to a gallon. - Mrs. Libbie Dolbear.

Fruit Frapees

Line a mold with vanilla ice-eream, fill the center with fresh berries, or fruit cut in slices, cover with ice-cream, cover closely, and set in freezer for half an hour, with salt and ice well packed around it. The fruit must be chilled, but net frozen. Strawberries and ripe peaches are delicious thus prepared. - Mrs. J. C. P.,


Strawberry Ice-cream

Sprinkle strawberries with sugar, wash well and rub through a sieve; to a pint of the juice add half a pint of good cream, make it very sweet; freeze, and when beginning to set, stir in lightly one pint of cream whipped, and lastly a handful of whole strawberries sweetened. It may then be put in a mold and imbedded in ice, or kept in the freezer; or mash with a potato-pounder in an earthen bowl one quart of strawberries with one pound of sugar; rub it through a colander, add one quart of sweet cream and freeze. Or, if not in the strawberry season, use the French bottled strawberries (or any canned ones), mix juice with half a pint of cream, sweeten and freeze; when partially set add whipped cream and strawberries.

Kentucky Cream

Make a half gallon rich boiled custard, sweeten to taste, add two table-spoons gelatine dissolved in a half cup cold milk; let the custard cool, put it in freezer, and as soon as it begins to freeze, add one pound raisins, one pint strawberry preserves, one quart whipped cream; stir and beat well like ice-cream. Blanched almonds or grated cocoa-nut are additions. Some prefer currants to raisins, and some also add citron chopped fine. - Mrs. Gov. J. B. McCreary, Kentucky.