Take a peck green tomatoes, wash clean, cut away a small piece from each end, slice and place in a large wooden bowl, chop fine, place in a crock and mix salt with them (half pint to a peck), let stand twenty-four hours, and drain thoroughly; take twice or three times as much cabbage as there is chopped tomatoes, chop fine, mix salt in same proportions, add enough water to make moist, and let stand same time as tomatoes; drain, place again in separate jars, cover each with cold weak vinegar; after twenty-four hours drain cabbage well, pressing hard to extract all the juice; place tomatoes and the vinegar in a porcelain kettle and let them boil for three minutes, -stirring all the time, pour out, and when cold, place in a towel and wring and press until perfectly dry; now mix tomatoes and cabbage together, take a double handful at a time, squeeze as tightly as possible, and place in a dry crock; take the stone jar in which they are to be pickled, place in it a layer of tomatoes and cabbage, scatter over with chopped peppers, whole mustard seed, and horse-radish, then another layer of tomatoes and cabbage, next spice, and so on until jar is almost full, occasionally sprinkling with cayenne pepper; cover with strong cider vinegar, to each gallon of which a tea-cup of sugar has been added. Place a saucer or pieces of broken china on the pickles to keep them under the vinegar. If a white scum rises, drain off vinegar, boil, skim, and pour hot over the pickles. Prepare mustard, peppers, and horse-radish, as follows: Take three green or ripe garden peppers (four table-spoons when chopped), cut in two, place in salt water over night, the next morning drain and chop quite fine; to two table-spoons mustard-seed add salt-spoon salt, pour in boiling water, let stand fifteen minutes and drain; two table-spoons horse-radish chopped fine. Tomatoes and onions are excellent prepared in the same way. For sliced pickles, take cucumbers and onions, or tomatoes and onions, and slice and prepare as above. - Mrs. W. W. W. Mangoes.

Select green or half grown muskmelons; remove a piece the length of the melon, an inch and a half wide in the middle and tapering to a point at each end; take out seeds with a tea-spoon, secure one end of each piece to its own melon by a stitch made with a needle and white thread. Make a brine of salt and cold water strong enough to float an egg, pour it over them, and after twenty-four hours take them out. For filling, use chopped tomatoes and chopped cabbage prepared as in "Chopped Pickles," small cucumbers, small white onions, and nasturtium pods, each prepared by remaining in salt water in separate jars twenty-four hours; add also green beans boiled in salt water until tender. For spice, use cinnamon-bark, whole cloves, chopped horse-radish, cayenne pepper, mustard seed, the latter prepared as directed in " Chopped Pickles." Prepare three or four times as much cabbage and tomatoes as of other articles, as any part left over may be placed in jar with vinegar poured over, and is ready for the table. Use one, or, if small, two cucumbers, two or three onions, and the same quantity of bean and nasturtium pods, placing them in mango first, with two or three cloves, three or four sticks of cinnamon an inch long, and half a tea-spoon horse-radish, and filling up afterward with the chopped cabbage or tomatoes (mixing, or using them separately in alternate melons) pressing down very firmly, so that the mango is filled tight, sprinkling on the cayenne pepper last. Sew in the piece all around in its proper place with strong white thread; when all are thus prepared, place in a stone crock, cover with weak cider-vinegar, let remain over night; in the morning place the mangoes, and the vinegar in which they were soaked, in a porcelain kettle, boil half an hour, place in a jar, cover with good strong cider vinegar, let stand all night; in the morning drain off vinegar and boil it, adding one pint of sugar to each gallon, and pour boiling hot over the mangoes; drain off and boil the vinegar three or four times, and they are done. This is not the usual way of preparing mangoes, but it is much the best. To pickle nasturtiums, soak as collected in salt and water for twenty-four hours, drain, and put into cold vinegar; when all the seed is thus prepared, drain, and cover with fresh boiling-hot vinegar.