Cinnamon Tea

To a half-pint fresh, new milk add stick or ground cinnamon enough to flavor, and white sugar to taste; bring to boiling point, and take either warm or cold. Excellent for diarrhoea in adults or children. A few drops or a tea-spoon of brandy may be added, if the case demands.

Tapioca Jelly

- One half pint tapioca, one quart water, juice and some of the grated rind of a lemon; soak the tapioca for three or four hours in the water, sweeten it and boil for one hour in a custard-kettle, or until quite clear, stirring it often. When almost done, stir in the lemon, and when sufficiently cooked, pour into molds. Serve with sweetened cream.

Sago Jelly-Pudding

- Wash thoroughly one tea-cup of sago, cook it in three pints of water fifteen or twenty minutes, till perfectly clear, add a very little salt; stir in half a jelly-glass of currant, grape or other jelly and two spoonfuls sugar. Mold and serve cold with cream and sugar; or, eat warm.

Graham Gems For Invalids

- Mix Graham flour with half milk and half water, add a little salt, beat, making the batter thin enough to pour; have the gem-pan very hot, grease it, fill as quickly as possible and return immediately to a hot oven; bake about thirty minutes. Practice will teach just the proper consistency of the batter, and the best temperature of the oven. It will not be good unless well beaten.


- Take two richest crackers, pour on boiling water, let stand a few minutes, beat up an egg, sweeten to taste, and stir all together; grate in nutmeg and add brandy or wine to suit the invalid. Or, break in a pint bowl toasted bread and pour over boiling water, adding a small lump of butter, two table-spoons wine, brandy or whisky; sweeten to taste and flavor with nutmeg or cinnamon.

Raspberry Vinegar

- Pour over two quarts of raspberries in a stone jar, one quart of very best vinegar; let stand twenty-four hours, strain, and pour liquor over fresh fruit, and let stand in the same way; allow one pound sugar to a pint of juice; put into a stone jar and set in pot of boiling water one hour; skim well, put into bottles, cork and seal tight. Diluted with water this is very nice for the sick. Toasted bread may be eaten with it.

Rice Jelly

- Mix one heaping table-spoon of rice-flour with cold water until it is a smooth paste, add a scant pint of boiling water, sweeten with loaf-sugar; boil until quite clear. If the jelly is intended for a patient with summer complaint, stir with a stick of cinnamon; if for one with fever, flavor with lemon juice, and mold. Rice-water is made in the same manner, by using twice the quantity of boiling water.

Royal Strawberry Acid

- Take three pounds ripe strawberries, two ounces citric acid, and one quart of water; dissolve the acid in the water, and pour it over the berries; let them stand in a cool place twenty-four hours, draw off, and pour in three pounds more of berries, and let it stand twenty-four hours. Add to the liquor its own weight of sugar, boil three or four minutes each day for three days, then cork tightly and seal. Keep in a dry and cool place.