Chop fifty clams, peel and slice ten raw potatoes, cut into dice six onions and a half pound fat salt pork, slice six tomatoes (if canned use a coffee-cup full), add a pound pilot crackers; first put pork in bottom of pot and try out, partially cook onions in pork-fat, remove the mass from pot, and put on a plate bottom side up; make layers of the ingredients, season with pepper and salt, cover with water and boil an hour and a half, adding chopped parsley to taste.

Clam Pie. Take three pints of either hard or soft-shell clams (if large, chop slightly), put in a sauce-pan and bring to a boil in their own liquort or add a little water if needed; have ready four medium-sized po tatoes, boiled till done and cut into small squares; make a nice pie-paste with which line a medium-sized pudding-dish half way down the sides; turn a small tea-cup bottom up in middle of dish to keep up the top crust; put in first a layer of clams, and then a few potatoes, season with bits of butter and a little salt and pepper, and dredge with flour; add another layer of clams, and so on till dish is filled, adding juice of clams, and a little water if necessary (there should be about as much liquid as for chicken-pie). Cover with top-crust, cutting several slits for steam to escape, and bake three-quarters of an hour. - Mrs. A. Wilson, Rye, N. Y.