Cocoa-nut Caramels

One pint milk, butter size of an egg, one cocoa-nut grated fine (or dessicated cocoa-nut may be used), three pounds white sugar, two tea-spoons lemon, boil slowly until stiff (some then beat to a cream), pour into shallow pans, and when partly cold cut in squares. 3Iiss Nettie Brewster, Madison.

Cocoa-nut Drops

One pound cocoa-nut, half pound powdered sugar, and the white of an egg; work all together and roll into little balls in the hand; bake on buttered tins. - C. W. Cyphers,

Horehound Candy

Boil two ounces of dried horehound in a pint and a half water for about half an hour; strain and add three and a half pounds brcwn sugar. Boil over a hot fire until it is sufficiently hard, pour out in flat, well-greased tin trays, and mark into sticks or small squares with a knife, as soon as it is cool enough to retain its shape.

Lemon Candy

Take a pound loaf-sugar and a large cup water, and after cooking over a slow fire half an hour, clear with a little hot vinegar, take off the scum as it rises, testing by raising with a spoon, and when the "threads" will snap like glass pour into a tin pan, and when nearly cold mark in narrow strips with a knife. Before pouring into the pans, chopped cocoa-nut, almonds, hickory-nuts, or Brazil-nuts cut in slices, may be stirred into it. - Mrs. V. K. W.

Molasses Candy

Take equal quantities brown sugar and Orleans molasses (or all molasses may be used), and one table-spoon sharp vinegar, and when it begins to boil skim well and strain, return to the kettle and continue boiling until it becomes brittle if dipped in cold water, then pour on a greased platter. When cool enough, begin to throw up the edges and work, by pulling until bright and glistening like gold; flour the hands occasionally, draw into stick size, rolling to keep round, until pulled out and cold. With a greased knife press nearly through them at proper lengths, and they will easily snap; flavor just before pouring out to cool. - Sterling Robinson.

Aunt Top's Nut-taffy

Two pints maple sugar, half pint water, or just enough to dissolve sugar; boil until it becomes brittle by dropping in cold water; just before pouring out add a tablespoon vinegar; having prepared the hickory-nut meats, in halves, butter well the pans, line with the meats, and pour the taffy over them. - Edelle and Hattie Hush.