Coffee Jelly

Half box Coxe's gelatine soaked half an hour in a half tea-cup cold water (as little water as possible), one quart strong coffee, made as if for the table and sweetened to taste; add the dissolved gelatine to the hot coffee, stir well, strain into a mold rinsed with cold water just before using, set on ice or in a very cool place, and serve with whipped cream. This jelly is very pretty, formed in a circular mold with tube in center; when turned out fill the space in center with whipped cream heaped up a little. - Mrs. A. Wilson, Rye,N. Y.

Grape Jelly

Prepare fruit and rub through a sieve; to every pound of pulp add a pound of sugar, stir well together, boil slowly twenty minutes, then follow general directions; or, prepare the juice, boil twenty minutes, and add one pound of sugar to one pound of juice after it is reduced by boiling; then boil ten or fifteen minutes. Or put on grapes just beginning to turn, boil, place in jelly-bag and let drain; to one pint juice add one pint sugar, boil twenty minutes, and just-before it is done add one tea-spoon dissolved gum-arabic. - Mrs. W. M.

Lemon Jelly

Juice of six lemons, grated peel of two, two large cups sugar, one package Coxe's gelatine soaked in two cups cold water, two glasses pale sherry or white wine, one pint boiling water; stir lemon-juice, peel, sugar and soaked gelatine together, and cover for an hour; pour the boiling water over them; stir until all is dissolved perfectly, add wine, strain through flannel, and pour in mold. If fruit yields less than a large coffee-cup juice, add more water, so the jelly may not be tough.

Orange Jelly

Two quarts water, four ounces gelatine, nine oranges and three lemons, a pound sugar, whites of three eggs; soak gelatine in a pint of water, boil the three pints water and sugar together, skim well, add dissolved gelatine, orange and lemon juice, and beaten whites; let come to a boil, skim off carefully all scum, boil until it jellies, and pour jelly into mold. Strain, scum and add to mold.

Peach Jelly

Crack one-third of the kernels and put them in the jar with the peaches, which should be pared, stoned and sliced. Heat in a pot of boiling water, stirring occasionally until the fruit is well broken. Strain, and to every pint of peach juice add the juice of a lemon. Measure again, and to every pint of peach juice add a pound of sugar. Heat the sugar very hot, and add when the juice has boiled twenty minutes. Let it come to a boil and take instantly from the fire. This is very fine for jelly cake.

Pie-plant Jelly

"Wash the stalks well, cut into pieces an inch long, put them into a preserving-kettle with enough water to cover them, and boil to a soft pulp; strain through a jelly-bag. To each pint of this juice add a pound of loaf-sugar; boil again, skimming often, and when it jellies on the skimmer remove it from the fire and put into jars.

Currant Jam

Pick from stems and wash thoroughly with the hands, put into a preserving kettle and boil fifteen or twenty minutes, stirring often, and skimming off any scum that may arise; then add sugar in the proportion of three-fourths pound sugar to one pound fruit, or, by measure, one coffee-cup of sugar to one pint mashed fruit; boil thirty minutes longer, stirring almost constantly. When done, pour in small jars or glasses, and either seal or secure like jelly, by first pressing paper, cut to fit the glasses, down close on the fruit, and then .larger papers, brushed on the inside with white of eggs, with the edges turned down over the outside of the glass.