Corn-starch Cake

Two coffee-cups pulverized sugar, three-fourths cup butter, cup corn starch dissolved in a cup of sweet milk, two cups flour, whites of seven eggs, two tea-spoons cream tartar, tea-spoon soda mixed thoroughly with the flour; cream butter and sugar, add starch and milk, then add the whites and flour gradually until all is used. Flavor with lemon or rose. - Mrs. W. P. Anderson.

Coffee Cake

Two cups brown sugar, one of butter, one of molasses, one of strong coffee as prepared for the table, four eggs, one tea-spoon saleratus, two of cinnamon, two of cloves, one of grated nutmeg, pound raisins, one of currants, four cups flour. - Mrs. Wm. Skinner, Battle Greek,

Coffee Cake

One cup brown sugar, cup molasses, half cup butter, cup strong coffee, one egg or yolks of two, four even cups flour, heaping teaspoon soda in the flour,,table-spoon cinnamon, tea-spoon cloves, two pounds raisins, fourth pound citron. Soften the butter, beat with the sugar, add the egg, spices, molasses, and coffee, then the flour, and lastly the fruit dredged with a little flour. Bake one hour in moderate oven, or make in two small loaves which will bake in a short time. This may be made without the egg. - Mrs. D. Buxton.

Cocoa-nut Cake

One cup butter, three of sugar, one of sweet milk, four and a half of flour, four eggs with whites beaten to a stiff froth, a teaspoon soda, two of cream tartar, one grated cocoa-nut. - Mrs. J. Holland,

Caramel Cake

One cup butter, two of sugar, a scant cup milk, one and a half cups flour, cup corn starch, whites of seven eggs, three tea-spoons baking powder in the flour; bake in a long pan. Take half pound brown sugar, scant quarter pound chocolate, half cup milk, butter size of an egg, two tea-spoons vanilla; mix thoroughly and cook as syrup until stiff enough to spread; spread on cake and set in the oven to dry. - Mrs. George Bever.

Cincinnati Cake

Pour over one pound fat salt pork, chopped fine and free from lean and rind, one pint boiling water, let stand until nearly cold; add two cups brown sugar, one of molasses, one table-spoon each of cloves and nutmeg, and two of cinnamon, two pounds raisins, fourth pound citron, half glass brandy, three tea-spoons of baking powder, and seven cups of sifted flour. Bake slowly two and a half hours. This is excellent, and requires neither butter or eggs. - Mrs. G. E. Kinney.

Chocolate Cake

One cup butter, three of brown sugar, one of sweet milk, four of flour, yolks of seven eggs, nine table-spoons grated Baker's chocolate, three tea-spoons baking powder. This may be baked as a layer cake, making a white cake of the whites -of the eggs, baking in layers, and putting them together with frosting, alternating the layers. - Mrs. Frank Woods Robinson, Kenton.

Delicate Cake

Three cups flour, two of sugar, three-fourths cup sweet milk, whites of six eggs, half cup butter, tea-spoon cream tartar, half tea-spoon of soda. Flavor with lemon. Good and easily made. - Miss Mary E. Miller.